Random Thought


I was thinking about Anger and the embodiment of this emotion.

When it’s you, let it pass through and observe.  When it’s coming at you, do the same.

The other thought was: What is the greatest defense against the vampires?

For the militant, revenge type… What is the greatest weapon against them?

Same answer:  BE HAPPY.

The greatest gift to this realm is Joy.  I’m so humbled and honored to be part of this World and experience.  The diversity of consciousness present just within the human family is awe inspiring.

I pray we remember our Divinity soon in this time line, but at the same time it wouldn’t be the first time we hung ourselves on the cross.

Sending Love and Hugs from my heart to All.

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It’s Never Too Late For Surfing Lessons

rainbow-573x640 1

”That which in the beginning seems like poison, but in the end becomes Nectar — is the happiness which springs from the serenity of one’s own Spirit.”  Bhagavad Gita XVIII.37

I have  been reading Bhagavad Gita repeatedly the last month or so.  Instinctively in times of trouble waters I seem to dive into the nearest avenue of tapping Primordial Wisdom.

My emotional body has been quite active so in attempt to sharpen my axe a bit, these words of encoded truth have been another great tool for surfing the golden edge of equanimity.

In my most recent Sacred Medicinal Journey (Wachuma), I found myself hearing Hare Krishna echo in my thoughts and mindfully repeated the Maha Mantra through out the journey.  I was so thankful for how powerful the young woman I was sharing space with was and that I was able to let go off the role of space holder and surrender into Divine Consciousness without Big Brother Lion embodying and standing firm to guard and watch the field against “strange” vibrations.

I do my best to remain non-hierarchical so it was no surprise to me to be reading Bhagavad Gita and be guided to the “Great Mantra”.  Krsna, Buddha, Jesus, etc. are on the same bowling team is what I’ve been saying to spectrumed minds telling me, Jesus is the only way, or this or that is the only way.

Hierarchy keeps the formula incompatible.  The example in my personal life was that when I started writing this blog post, I felt the itch to continue my theme of whining about my addiction to painful wicked experiences with the former flame.

I’m indulgent, so maybe just a bit of personal psychoanalysis.

My knowing to own my part in destructive relationships hasn’t kept me from engaging with a wicked person.  Each time crawling back like a oft beaten dog thinking this time the serpent will mind her manners.

Creating the hierarchy in my mind to see how miserable this person is in all ways one possibly could be doesn’t take away my responsibility for my own addiction and enabling of such experience to manifest in the world.  Nor does seeing the choice of another to choose the way of the draconian lizard give me free rein to pedestal myself in any fashion.

Misery loves company.  So, to myself I say own your shit and remove yourself as companion.  Encountering dull spirit need not dull your blade.  This rubble can sharpen as well as dull your axe, and how you use your available tools is your choice.

Here is the thing, remember that everything is God.  The Oneness shines the truth.  These embedded tendencies, the proclivities embodied as modes of existence that make up an individual’s ‘nature’ are also God, the One.

In Sanskrit our habitual compulsions which bind us to the illusion of separation are call GUNAS.

Every moment of every day we are bombarded by GUNAS as waveforms emitted from the temporal illusory holograms of everyone around us.

The small personality selves, the little “I” of the people we know and love, as well as those we hate, even strangers are incessantly mixing with our own vibrational construct.  This occurs so incessantly, that most of us have no idea where our thoughts come from, meaning we don’t know if a thought is our own or coming from someone else.  Sympathetic resonance is extremely powerful so be mindful of that which you commingle and commune your spirit with.


It is quite impossible to access one’s inner-world when surrounded by the constant distraction of other human beings resonating dense vibrations in the waveform of fear, anger, stress, etc.

The contract we have with physicality by being born into a human body is deeply binding. To overcome the five senses and the laws of physics is very difficult because it’s rooted in a choice made at a level of mind that is way deeper than any level we have access to in our current manifest three dimensional state.

Reject gravity and try stepping off a chair. You will fall to the floor. That’s the whole point of physicality, to be bound by restrictions and consequences that create a kind of game or workout for the soul.

You are in charge here, so grab the wheel and steer the ship rightly.

When it comes to Self, recognize that emotions like anger are an aspect of the commentator. Emotions aren’t real, you can observe them and watch them arise and pass away.  Have the courage to let them pass through and out and take positive ACTION instead, by flushing your mind and heart full of love and inspiration.

Easily said right?  Still love and understanding go hand in hand.

The highest love and the highest understanding are the same thing.  When you truly understand something or someone in the most absolute sense, you can’t help but love them. That’s where the two halves of the equation unite. But, in our current mode of existence, the best we can do is strive to balance and develop both sides in parallel.


I remember reading in a random new age book, here and there along the way and again today in an article, “this too shall pass”, as a guiding principle.  It has always been cliche to me, but none the less an effective tool when utilized as conscious behavior regarding emotional embodiment of denser vibrations.

Qualities of love, compassion, and empathy are functions of spirit, of our inner Godspark. The moment we give those up, we give up the very thing we’re fighting for.  But, when lessons are learned, move on.  Energy flows where attention goes, and focus on misery and miserable people simply leads you to be misery itself.

A great service is to simply be a witness to cruel and unconscious behavior.  It is an action to remain seated in your equanimity and this action creates further and necessary alchemical tools for healing and expansion.

Still, love without wisdom is ignorance and naiveté.  To embody love, compassion, and empathy is the correct choice in my book, but the other half of the equation is wisdom, discernment, and awareness. You have to be sharp, think hard, see through the deception, and have the tools and knowledge to carry out the directives that come from your heart.

Of course turn the other cheek, but if you can avoid steering your ship into the rocky shores, then be wise young captain and keep your ship in the smooth seas of love, compassion, forgiveness and pure Joy.

The Industrial medical Goliath may prescribe the happy pills, the entertainment industry may sell you false smiles, and the government may continue their propaganda and say we are the way, but happiness, genuine, true and lasting happiness is something that comes as a result of an inner process, a transference of one’s awareness from expectation to appreciation. A maturation of the understanding of one’s relationship to Self, to other people, and to the world at large.

Expect-a-MiracleMany of you have families, loved ones and adored children. But, if you really want to give the ones you love something that is truly valuable, something that will endure, something eternal – then give them your higher consciousness!

For those who really know it well, happiness along with cultivating spiritual knowledge is both the purpose of human form, and the secret to a good and meaningful life.

Learning how to be happy in this life is of sincere practical value because happiness affects your embodied attitude and positively influences all we do and interact with.

We live in unusually perilous and complicated times.  The skill of being happy is hero’s work and of particular use in mitigating the fear and uncertainty that accompany us.  Only in joy can we become the type of person that can help others along through this adversity.

In communing with Great Spirit my take is that Mother Earth has taken our utter disrespect of her and the children of the realm to heart and her field is evolving away from the denser embodiments.

If you are still acting like the story we are living as a human family is allowable then I suggest you put some intent and energy to switching your shit on, and on the quick!

Start living for what truly matters … and answer that question for yourself you lazy shits.  No on else can define you!

Modern man will have to relearn the secret of life and understand that to disrespect, abuse, and harm “Mother Nature” is ultimately to disrespect, abuse and harm himself.

Surf’s Up!!

GREAT SPIRIT [official music video]

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New World Order (NWO) or Ascension?


An article crossed by my nose during a recent morning coffee frenzy suggesting it was Vendetta time or else.  Maybe it was the coffee but I was sweating.  Ok, it was the coffee.  One of my last vices.  That, and the sweet addictive heroine that is known as Coca Cola.  Cake in a bottle and more addictive than smack.

The premise was, a.) ascend b.) resist the Draconian oppressor or c.) ?.

Holy shit, right!?  3 options?!  How unimaginative.  And Shit, I don’t even remember the other option(s) after ascension and revolution.  Basically, it was the boring or else option, New World Order.

Is this to suggest that the sloth of government and control paradigm hasn’t been running amok upon the Mother for as long as our current propaganda history has been in existence?

Language is extremely limiting, but ascension used oppositionally in this type of polarity tug of war just makes it more this or that.  More Hierarchy.  More of the, pick this edge or that edge spectruming.  More of the judging mind, choosing between the edges of potentiality.

I’m personally too imaginative or possibly too stubborn to boil it down like that just yet.  Besides, If one of the options is more of the same tyrannical beast bulldozing unapologetcally over the despondent masses of the World, then I reckon any other possible step in any other possible direction is the right one.

We do have to start somewhere with it as well, and choice paralysis is a choice as well.  And No, I’m not suggesting any violence on the base levels.  Enough of that already.  Enough war, enough death, enough struggle.  Enough!

I believe forgiveness and love are potential choices, and the revolution I speak of isn’t against any “They”.  Some discernment and imagining of new models and modes of experience and leadership would certainly benefit us all.  But, the battle we are fighting isn’t against the outside illusions, nor is having apathy for there being a demon to slay of much use.

The battle of SELF is upon us all.

If you haven’t had a personal revolution against the commentator possessing your mind, then your turn is coming.  You will be coming for yourself.


A Cherokee Legend

An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life. “A fight is going on inside me,” he said to the boy.

“It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil – he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.” He continued, “The other is good – he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. The same fight is going on inside you – and inside every other person, too.”

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, “Which wolf will win?”

The old Cherokee simply replied, “The one you feed.”


We live in a society that rewards those who follow the flock and then ridicules those who dare think outside the box.

If you haven’t noticed though, the paradigm is changing.  More and more people are awakening to seek the real truth behind who they are and who they represent.

If you are one of these people, I commend you. If you are still asleep, then perhaps it’s time that you begin searching for some answers.  If you would like answers that is.

The bottom line is to question everything.  Most of what we have been taught is not the complete truth.

There is an infinite number of magical and equally interesting possibilities, very few of which have even been conceived of within our society up to this point.

When contemplating Self, remember:

“I am not my possessions, my job, my money, my house or my car. I am not my relationships. I am not my thoughts, beliefs or feelings. I am not even my body. All of these things come and go, they are constantly changing, temporary.”

You came before these things, and you will remain after they are gone. So, who are you?

In my experience the most simple, most truthful response we can make to that question is simply I AM or I exist. This has to be a felt experience so we can simply sit and feel presence in the body and ask ourselves the question: who am I?

Rather than respond, sit quietly and simply observe as a witness to all that occurs. When you are able to easily feel raw presence, you can step back in any situation and be the witness.

This creates a great deal of space in life and helps us not to take things so personally or seriously by simply observing that there is something beyond what is happening to us, and that something is always absolutely stable.

A step to strive for is the return to I AM Presence or at least an understanding of it.  When you take on emotional embodiments like  ‘I am angry’  it is different.  THIS MEANS you are identifying with anger as being what you are.  Anger of course isn’t what you are because it’s temporary, and even while it is present, there is something witnessing it that was present before the anger came and will be present after it goes.

So, instead of saying ‘I am angry’, we can strive to be present with understanding, ‘anger is arising within me’, or ‘I notice anger’.

By seeing anger as a temporary state of being, that is noticed, remains for a time and then is gone, we release the need to make such a big deal out of it.  If there is no story about it or identification with it, then we can release the energy rather than embody.


The very freedom we seek is the basis of what we are. There is no need to search for it anywhere, not even inside because the irony or cosmic joke is that you are the Divine searching for itself.  You are seeking to know God through his eyes.

Gravity has a hold of us all.  The tug of war between this or that, good or bad or whatever duality embodies in manifest can not conceal the ultimate truth of the grand connectivity that is WE.  So, NWO or Ascension?  Boring.  You are and We are, All That Is, Was and Ever will Be.


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Today is the Day


Today is the day …  Pretty good mantra for an awakening spirit.  Today’s are where we exist.  Yesterdays, tomorrows, they don’t exist outside of thinking about them today.  Wait, do they?  NO!

Inside the nutshell of today, the real guts of it all is found.  Boiled all the way down to it’s bits and bobs of micro-moments, today’s hold the sweet glory of NOW.  Nothing exists outside of that.  Now is all there is.  It doesn’t matter what just happened.  How grand, how horrible, how ordinary, none of that matters.  It’s here and gone in a blink of an eye.  Thinking about the past doesn’t mean you are doing it now.  You are simply thinking of it now.

Thinking about yesterday, tomorrow, anything that has happened or will happen doesn’t take you anywhere but NOW.  This is the moment where thoughts of such things actually exist.  It is the only moment that possess any real substance of anything.  You may have heard it referred to as the “Power of Now”.

Everything you ever do in life will be done in the Now moment.  Realizing the Now moment is the only moment that exists isn’t even required to accomplish a life, or even lifetimes.

Here’s an experiment.  If you have a small item by you, pick it up.  Look at it carefully.

Put it down.

Think about the time, the moment just before where you picked it up.  Now, think about a future moment where you pick it up.  NOW, pick it up again.

See the difference.

Thinking about the past time you did something, or a future time you will do something isn’t real.  Only Now’s.

It is this way with all things and moments.  Whether it was a happy time you are remembering, a sad time, or a whatever time, today is all we have.  Tomorrow isn’t promised.

Things like this are so easy to know as a philosophy, but so difficult to know through a way of being.

But, in the end, life is life.  The only knowing we can have speaks its own contradiction >>> The only thing you can know is that you know nothing.  Stand upon the contradictions of life.  Non knowing is where the cool people chill.

It is said that, strength of character is about how much you can handle before breaking.  Maybe it’s also about how much you can handle after you’ve broken.

Use your now moments wisely.  They are the only thing of any significance and your choice makes all the difference.

03-Evolutionary+MytosisThis is a super interesting picture to me.  Biologically it’s a representation of mitosis which is a form of nuclear division.

For some reason it’s just interesting to me as a concept and function of life.  Maybe Dimensional “mitosis” is the same when shifting density’s and vibrational embodiment.  The new energetic embodiment wouldn’t know of the old nor would the old know of the new, yet there they both are.  Actually, of course they would know of each other, but the level of comprehension would vary infinitely like all things.  Hmmm.  Little tangent there.  Was just writing what I was thinking and not really paying attention.  Hmmm again.

Anyway, advice to self: Pay attention to your now’s and draw in presence.

Off to Bed.  Posting NOW just for kicks.

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Letting Go of Hate, Anger, and an Abusive Relationship

angeldemon2disclaimer, wounded heart speaking … A little bit of a vent blog


I like to believe I’ve been fighting the good fight.  After reading my last blog post, coupled with an experience last evening  with a woman I once believed was my twin flame, I see I was half right.  I have been fighting alright.  Fighting to be loved by that which does not love.  There really was opportunity for something special for us I believe.  It just needed equal parts unconditional love to ego love.  Heck any mutuality of love would have birthed the most wonderful dream of a life together from where my vantage point derives.

She was my first love after my personal Awakening finally culminated in a massive kundalini rising blowing my crown chakra through the roof many years ago while meditating in intents of peace and love to mankind, the world and all of Creation.

My mission from that moment on was to help heal and awaken the world through expanding my heart and consciousness in service to all of Creation.

When I met her after leaving the states I had washed up in Peru, dingy and busted after an attempt to ground myself in Amsterdam.  My soul was dreadfully exhausted and the unrelenting World was nipping at me heels and squealing merrily as she chased.  This woman was beautiful and saved me in ways I may never fully comprehend.  All she did was offer me love when no one and nothing in the World was.  She mended a broken heart.

The new co-creation or NOW reality is that I have never been so savagely attacked and wounded by someone in all my life.  As if my heart was mended only so a bloodier slaughter and ravenous feeding could occur.

O.K.  Poor me a little  bit too far maybe…

I write these things in the true authentic unfolding of the experience to share a moment of pain and loss in my world and my efforts to let it be, let it go and be present in the only moment that is real… NOW.

So, I straddle duality and gaze upon the tiny slit between worlds.  I can see the world where this woman reciprocates my love and then realize … that is not the timeline NOW.  Emphatically I know the pain she is in must be gruesome and horrible for her to become so vile and wicked.  Believe it or not this woman once said she loved me.  While I may be able to count the times I’ve heard the utterance I love you from her on one hand, there was a NOW moment she said the words.

All moments posses infinite potential, and at the same time, it is what it is.  Whatever beauty occurred in the past with this lady and I no longer exists NOW.  Whoever she was seems to be a presence of hate, anger and conflict NOW, and in hindsight with the blur out my eyes, it was always so.

Of course the abusive words and actions directed at me hit my tuning fork and inspire entropic energetic embodiment and inspiration to be an equally miserable embodiment.


But I will not go silently in to the night!!  Now I know what the cat on my last post was on about!!  I may trip for a moment and embody the wobble, but only a fool (which I am) would be ignorant of being emotionally abused.  And, In the end this says just as much if not more about me as it does about the person who choices to project hate upon us.

The thing is, this woman has no right or power to take away my love for her and All That Is.  The authenticity of who you are belongs to you.  If you love something than love it regardless.  The decision of what you love to volley back hate and wickedness in return is their choice.  The best we can we must seek to find equanimity and peace in ‘as it is’.

So, boo hoo I loved someone and was in relationship with them on and off for 5 years.  Boo hoo, they don’t like me, hate me and wish I would die, etc. etc. etc.  What does their chosen embodiment have to do with me?

What a gift to love someone!!!  What a gift to share experience with someone intimately for even just a breath.

So here’s to the NOW moment and honoring how people treat you NOW, what is happening NOW, and where you are NOW.  In the NOW moment we have the ability to choose to be happy.  The Universe has a cozy way of getting us where we need to be if we trust.


There is always pain in the World.  But, suffering is a choice.  Any pain, anger, and upset I have over any story in my life belongs to me and I’m owning that.

So, here is to tapping into the free energy of your consciousness.  It expands infinitely with just the right twist of Heart Juice.

And, In good fun to the jaded past … Here is my suggestion to the one I have loved.

frabz-maybe-you-should-eat-your-makeup-so-you-can-try-being-pretty-on--e77ad5A bit of projection for something I’m responsible for … my own state of mind over events in the past.  But what a heartless bitch she was, is and seems destined to be in my little story.

Enjoy your energy.  Sometimes it is up, sometimes it is down.  Learn to enjoy both.

Sending love to All.

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A Question, A Choice … What’s Your Illusion

01-duality of insanityA CHOICE

The most powerful and beautiful gift we posses in my opinion is the unquantifiable nature of our mind.  Its ability to grasp consciousness in multitudes of its infinite ways is breathtaking to experience and witness.  A most beautiful world when seen with just the right eyes in just the right light.

We are able to experience “I AM” presence and also pendulum to bundle it ever so tightly into the little I experience of having a name, job, house, responsibilities, dogs, cats, cars, and on and on to identify who and what and why you are.

You ask someone who they are, and most often they say, ‘Hi, I’m Susan Jones, I live here, I’m married to this fella, I have two kids, a cat, a dog, a partridge, a pear tree, and I work here, etc.

Certainly there is more to Susan than this, but most likely this is what you would hear.  The truth is, these are simply ideas embodied of one potential for whatever Susan wants to believe and birth manifest of herself.  It’s not like she is lying or doing anything wrong.  It’s just not the full depth of Susan.  It’s a choice of Susan.

Point being really, most of the “ideas” we hold of ourselves, of our reality, and of the World are pretty narrowly spectrumed.   Most of these ideas are fed to us and supported via Media … T.V., movies,etc. All sorts and various types of propaganda aimed at occupying our minds within a very narrow spectrum of thought.

Our world is one of very lively conversation about nothing at all.  Thoughts are like a monkey in a 5 X 8.  Jumping all over the place and very strongly held.  The Propaganda is simply an aid to  effectively eliminate and funnel any other potentiality we as free spirits would co-creatively manifest out of our collective consciousness and awareness.


The greatest heist ever perpetuated is the theft of the mind of mankind.  Huxley said it best,

Till at last the child’s mind is these suggestions, and the sum of the suggestions is the child’s mind. And not the child’s mind only. The adult’s mind too-all his life long. The mind that judges and desires and decides-made up of these suggestions. But all these suggestions are our suggestions… Suggestions from the State.”

Understanding that thoughts and emotions create reality, the state manipulates and controls this realm to harvest our physical, emotional and mental energy.  Curtailing our birthright of understanding who and what we are from cradle to grave.

I haven’t even mentioned any specific atrocity currently being carried out against mankind.  I don’t need to anymore.  Do I really need to mention the False Flag in Syria, Monsanto, Bradley Manning being treated like a criminal for standing up for UNIVERSAL LAW instead of deferring his soul to fuel the beast? The Fukushima story?

This system, where 1% of the populous controls 99% is shear insanity insanity … INSANITY?   If war, (a.k.a., Genocide, Murder of innocent Women, Children, Men, Ecosystems, Spirit) is a necessary evil, tell me, why is it so much more evil than necessary?  Isn’t killing people in the name of God a pretty Good definition of insanity as premise one?

Realize that the minions of such energies and the structures carrying out such diabolical evil on the world stage, are our beloved Governments and Institutions.  Whoever the mechanics of the Matrix are doesn’t matter until we are willing to face the puppets they master.

My gut tells me, we know all of these things innately.  Our internal compass illuminates the world stage for what it is >>> Maya, a.k.a. illusion, a.k.a Corrupt Demiurge.

Intrinsic within this holographic spell is the notion that duality and polarity are natural aspects of life and that we must choose servitude to one side of duality or the other.  

If the new age movement has a hold of you, you may change your name to Shiva Moon Beam and say you are a lightworker or wayshower, or Warrior for Divine light against the evil Dark Archons, or some other ‘They’.

This is the nature of the issue, polarity embodied.  Some beings play for imaginary team Dark, some play for imaginary team Light.  All ultimately play into feeding the illusory entropic system we pedestal into control.

The dark-light duality paradigm is utilized to harvest the largest amount of soul energy possible.  Team good guys, team bad guys is simply two sides of the same coin, all fueling and serving the same corrupt Demiurge.

Like any hierarchy system, spiritual hierarchy is no different.  Traveling through densities of consciousness is fun for a while and perpetuates the illusory feeling of climbing the spiritual ladder.  Soon the illusion will reveal that while there are infinite steps on the ladder of consciousness, there is only one spirit and consciousness.

No matter how dynamic and profound the labyrinth of Maya’s illusion may be, it’s imperative to hold onto the main storyline … It’s illusion … Just part of the untruth of truth.

I’m not saying screw it then with reactionary revolt against all of manifest.  I’m simply suggesting flip the script.

Honor first: We are Spiritual Beings having a Human experience.

Not simply humans having biological five sense responses to the “real world.”

What ever life is to you, after the blah blah blah, and why it is the way it is, the story of it all comes together.

Everything and everyone is just a different time line of the same thing >>> Infinite Consciousness.

There is an infinite number of ways for us to do things.  We are Infinite Children of Source.  The one flickering line of thought that we collectively embody is not the end all be all of potentiality for this World.

544847_577920458916386_326063069_nHad to put this in for my one comment dropper from last post.  So for you Cathy.  I think Eckhart Tolle is a beautiful open hearted man with an amazing and powerfully grounded presence.

Power, Responsibility, Letting go and more Choice

Being yourself is all that you can really do. Being authentically you, and finding joy is the best gift one can share with the realm. Coupling this with an active moral compass, awakened consciousness, and an open heart and you are the change.

I love saying there is two things to know about power.  There is the Power of Illusion and the Illusion of Power.  Not sure how it links up, but If you have the “Power” to do something and don’t use it, then is it really a power?

Our power is that we posses the ability to effectuate change upon One Self.

We have CHOICE.

Anyone urging you to choose a side simply hasn’t seen that both sides are two halves of the same coin controlled by the corrupt Demiurge.

The choice I implore is to go over the top of the Hierarchy’s.  See that there is only one side when the smoke and mirrors fall away … what you call yourself is up to you.

Yes, we are currently being assaulted on all levels of our being.  This is a story part of the Grand symphony.  It’s an odd feeling to breathe in the vibrations we are, and are among, but overcoming our despair, our fear, our attachments, our heartbreak while experiencing and seeing the pain and insanity in the world, is how we transform it.

Emotional responses like anger, judgment, blame, etc. are valid and normal responses.  But, 3D earth and the Beings of the realm could use a new breath for a change, and each one of us can be part of birthing and rooting in the change.

One story on the pipeline is that Gaia’s field is rooting into 5th density right now to cleanse the unsustainable manifestations currently embodied within third density.

Why not?  If we want to understand the reality we call the “real world” then it would be easier to start thinking in terms of vibration and resonance.  With 5th Density, I’m referring to refined higher vibrational embodiment where the heart attuned with the mind of the “Higher Self” rules.

The question, ‘is it really power if it isn’t used’, is  a valid question.  You do have the ability and do have the responsibility to embrace your own becoming.  Doing nothing and standing idle is a choice.  Playing back into the field is a choice as well.

It is our apathy, our ignorance and the firewalls of our beliefs that must be transformed.  There is no power in maintaining the status quo. The only power is in healing and transformation.

By connecting to your higher self and working to fully embody it, we take on the responsibility and task of unraveling the thought virus of Maya.  Realize that the healing of our society and our planet must come from our cooperation together as a Human and Global Family.

The choice to change will come like flowers.  Some buds are flowers sooner than others.  As we heal our individual wounds and become whole in our individual body and mind, the world around us will be healed.

Be a revolutionary spirit.  Transform yourself and you transform the World.  Purpose embodied.


Disclaimer:  Not suggesting a taking up of arms but a taking up of flowers.

What the hell was that cat raging about again?

Oh yea … LOVE IT!!!

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Surrounded By Smoking Guns … no specific suspect … Who is “They”


People are waking up every day.  One thing I’ve seen traveling through the World the last six years is an acceleration of the phenomenon … Awakening.

In equal parts, it is clear that the proliferation of an Orwellian globalist agenda, along with fancy tools and poisons to keep you asleep, is moving with increased urgency.

All over the World people are having there Ah – Ha moments that finally bridge themselves to themselves.  People really are coming to understand the Oneness and Nothingness they bloom from.

Flowers are blooming all over the place.  The weather is a bit rowdy, but roots are starting to form behind this world wide phenomenon of Awakening.  It is fueling a desire to return home to Love and shepherding of Mother Earth.

The call home is allowing people to see the control paradigm laid before them in full layers.  No longer are certain stories and conceptions of reality holding supreme authority as the webs of certain belief structures are peeled away.

A few years ago, the story of Reptilians and Greys … Annunaki takeover, Matrix A.I. systems, wealthy elite, or whatever other “they” control paradigm story was either laughable from the unawakened or resisted by the awakened vibrationally.  The story was working well as it was spooky.

No one wanted to look at this scary belief construct.  A bomb no one was too eager to attempt to diffuse.

Yet, in a way, whether we want to acknowledge the full truth or not, this is part of the story we have been experiencing.  It doesn’t matter if you believe in a “they” out there or not.  You can start with what common sense and five sense perception reveals to you.


I won’t even begin to delve into how to be open minded.  It is something you just do.  It is a simple choice and it starts with questions not answers.

I implore, what ever story you have programmed yourself with, no matter what is filling your cup, no matter what your bomb is, take a look at it and diffuse it.  Don’t stare at it, just diffuse it and move on to the truth.

The longer we resist insight into the grand deceptions of the matrix, the more stark our situation becomes.

There’s no compromising middle ground to stand upon here. The bomb of you will meet the bomb diffuser of you.

The bomb of Hierarchy of Authority we collectively face should be within the view of everyone.  Ignorance is no longer synonymous with innocence.

If you are an awakening consciousness, then stand firm in knowing, it’s not a matter of if the World realizes the truth, but when.  The cat is out of the bag.

The choice can be brought with less edge said like this:

Are you going to continue to take authority as the truth, or do you have the courage to take truth as authority?

Get busy living or get busy dieing.

The degree you mingle with the control paradigm will determine the level that this authority is exercised over you.  Obviously if you are in an active role of diffusing bombs you are pretty close to that edge as well.

As to the question of Who is they?  Who gives a shit.  They is an idea to remove with a better one.  They is the problem to whatever the solution is that we should be focusing on instead.  They is the opposite of this picture.


They is the boring story inviting the new.  They is the Vampire to the Slayer.  They is the antithesis to the thesis.

If the problem to the equation is:    they is You.  The formula/solution is, You are they.

And, You are they.  We are all intimately connected.  Each little i of the collective we has a test of courage and determination to undertake. The quest for truth and love requires nothing less than a rite of passage.

There may be no avoiding a rite of passage for the fully determined.  Still, Challenges are part of any quest and required for sharpening the axe of Knowing.

Dark nights of the soul birth shining knights of the heart.

If you desire something else, something new, something more in service to realm, in service to self and each other then know that any level of  Spiritual maturity dictates that we participate in this service to humanity.

For those choosing to stay asleep, your only question to answer is:  will you go along with their plans out of fear or ignorance?

A dear friend sent me this today in his brief reflection of reentry into N.Y.C., ‘Don’t judge someone just because they sin differently than you do.’

Pretty good… that is why I say, stay asleep if you like.  Awaken if you like.

Follow the moral compass of your sacred heart brothers and sisters.  We are being called forth to stand now.  I pray in knowingness the collective embodiment of Love in Divine truth.


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The Challenge Blog


Point blank truth right there I reckon.  It feels good to think that way too.  The proverbial rolling of the ball in the right direction.

I love the idea of positive thinking having a real affect in and of the world.  The way I’m feeling and thinking is everything to me in a way.  I’m a cancer though.  How it feels is the world to me.

If I’m sad, the way I experience the world tends to be sad.  When I’m happy the world still has pain but the choice to suffer is resisted.  I tend to be happy and see happy things.  What I see as a “sad experience” tends to have greater depth behind it allowing me to see from a position of greater overview.

Maybe Forrest would say: … Happy is as Happy does.

I would like to challenge myself and anyone else who would like to make a positive affirmation first thing every morning.  I’m thinking the best way for me to do this is to begin each day in the dharma of practice.  The mornings I teach Yoga will be easy.  Setting a sankalpa is one of the first things we do every class.

Hmmm, the other mornings it’s usually a coffee.  A ritual in and of it self.  It would be nice to put a little ceremony in to that.

I do often say when ritual becomes habitual it is no longer Bhakti.  It is no longer a devotional practice, but instead more a habitual behavior, addiction, an attachment, etc.  If I follow up ritual coffee with my personal Yoga Practice I would be grounding my energy into positive energy experiences everyday rather than a less mindful manner of day initiation.

These days are strange indeed.  Sometimes it is very difficult to see much joy.  That is a challenge.  It is a call to find a purpose in this madness.  That is why the morning happy smile about something for a second challenge is on.  Each morning will be different.  Some come with an overflow of smiles and others are a melancholic desert of sorrow with smiles a mirage in the distance.


Let the morning smile challenge begin… Even if just taking a few moments to take deep balanced inhales with equal exhales finding happy thoughts is your way to do it.  Find a way to imagine something nice to you.  There is no such thing as wasted effort…


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Balance on the jaded edge


There is always balance in the world.  Perceived or not.  Somewhere, behind the periphery of our 5 senses, resting still is balance.  In terms of scales of measurement, finding balance is relatively straight forward.  But, case by case analysis is appropriate for each manifest concept being observed.

In the case of consciousness I submit it works something like this:

Those choosing to be conscious and aware are extraordinarily so.  Those choosing to sleep … Well, they are hella sleepy.  Probably watching CNN or MSNBC or some other shit.

On a side, If anyone actually reads these blogs.  Notice I have dropped 2 hella’s, and now 3 in the last 2 posts.  Hella skill.

The Hella South Park episode has been on my mind a hella lot for some reason.  I’m very impressionable.

Anyway, I mean no hierarchy or judgment in conscious v. unconsciousness.  Same shit, different state.

I actually don’t care on that level.  I believe we are all in service and equally acting a fool in one way or another.

Still, I don’t believe the art of shallow observations upon another, and judgmental mind upon one another is to be our pinnacle achievement as Mankind.


One of the best teachers I’ve had in recent memory is a “homeless” fella.  I always thought of him as Hawaiian.  But Hawaii is a pretty international collective of Islands.

Anyway, he had a wider definition of home.  He knew who he was.  This life was a bag of bones for him.  It was a very interesting relationship as he spent the day sitting on a church bench in front of my post as a security guard.  The church was a historical monument as well as an active place of worship.

I remember thinking of how much potential the man had and how much depth he possessed.  This was my observation.  I try to relay this without any charge or any judgment.  For me, he was in true service to the realm.  Plus, who the hell was I,  sitting there with a Doctorate degree?  Sitting there because I had to for bottom dweller wages.  He was sitting their because he wanted to.

He was a true experiential and one of the smartest men I’ve ever met.  I reckon he wasn’t here for the same reasons as the CEO’s of the companies taking care of us with their Molotov cocktail of mind, health and spirit depraving foods and gadgetry.

Yet, he wasn’t signing paychecks either.  He didn’t have fancy cars and pretty stones upon his finger that others slaved and died to provide.  He wasn’t one who was making it in this realm so to speak.

What he did have was a smile on his face, but lacked interest in winning the rat race.  See the thing about the rat race is this:

Even if you win, you’re still a rat.  He knew this well.  Still, was it balance?  He was sleeping on a park bench.


So I wonder to myself, and anyone who actually reads this:  How do we get back to a more harmonious balance?

I’m inclined to believe that first and for most we must look within ourselves.  If what other people are thinking about you matters to you, then you really do have a problem.  It will never be alright out there.

This is easy for me to say at the moment.  Looking back in the rear view I had an event occur no less than 3 hours ago where what someone was saying and feeling about me was really mattering.

Walking up to their place I accidentally broke 3 of their eggs which was in the grocery bag of theirs I was carrying for them.  It was an accident and I felt really bad.  I’m often nervous around this person because I really wish they would like me but most often my experience is that I’m failing to bring joy to them and am to them pretty pathetic.

Tonight I sat trying so hard to express how sorry I was for breaking the eggs and for not reacting the way they wanted me to when they were upset about it.  In the end I was pathetic in their eyes.  For me I have never been so hurt by someone else to the extent that this person has the ability to.

I guess loving someone can be dangerous.  If the truth is that they have hate for you, and have preference to look over any attempt you make, but enjoy rather unconsciously seeing you as pathetic and telling you so … well I suppose the first step in the right direction is to forgive yourself.  This person is a mirror for you.  An aspect of your multidimensional self you allow to destroy you and energetically feed on you.

Funny enough archons were mentioned to me recently and then saw someone in service to them.  Never break their eggs.


Anyway, this is the nature of energy exchange gone wrong.  I’m running  a bit of a victim story here, but am also attempting to explain my understanding about a nature of reality.  It is true as all things are without you believing it so.  Male female relationships are classic for energy exchange going wrong.

While I’m thinking of it.  For anyone who has hate for me or thinks I’m pathetic for whatever reason:

I’m truly sorry I’ve been such a disappointing aspect of your experience.  I open my heart to you and express this and I ask from my soul to please be forgiven.  I love you and promise I am trying my best to grow and be a good person.  I try my best and can only say that sometimes I find life overwhelming.  I don’t know any answers but truly offer myself in this life trying to be the most loving experience I can.

Thank you for that mid blog tangent … Where was I?  Oh yea

If you want to know anything about the nature of reality then you must become intimate with self.

demotivation.us_Look-at-them-They-can-love-truth_130013123169That cat on the right is a Boss!  Love It!

I believe thoughts and emotions form the fabric of what we experience.  i.e., what you believe is, and is real in your experience.

My personal challenge has been having this knowledge but not the full download on how to utilize it and keep my astral/emotional body in balance.

Muddling through the massive programming, poisoning, dumbing down etc. that I / we have been subjected to.  Not to mention the wound this leaves on ones heart and soul to realize this wicked rather evil shit we’ve come to bear or the violence we experience day to day that we inflict on each other as an expression.

But shit, let’s make an effort.  I can imagine that a certain percentage of the population is just too broken to be expected to be a catalyst of love and awakening.  They may truly understand Self even, but still not be able to be in action in such a way as Unconditional Love.  So it is with balance.  But the fact is that you will become what you choose on these matters.

I read this the other day: “One step in the right direction is worth 100 years of thinking about it.”  I reckon one step in the right direction is worth any number of years thinking about it.

Tonight I hope I took steps in the right direction.  Walking away from a mirror that hates me.  Why should I continue to provoke this person if I know I disgust them?  Also, why would I subject myself to it?  Such a tangent but I think the only reason this person may have allowed me in their space was that it felt nice to be loved.  It makes us feel less alone in the world.  But hate I think does the opposite.

As far as taking steps toward being a morally awake, compassionate sentient Being; just picking up your foot is priceless.  With each step you become increasingly able to value things in a different light.

Money, possessions, status all start incarnating as less important ideas.  One of the biggest misconceptions used by those in fear is not having this understanding in balance.  You don’t need to become an ascetic and cast all things away.

You DO need to put them in perspective and see that while they have instrumental value, they do not have ultimate value.


What is most essentially Self is precisely that which we all have in common.

You are seeking God with His eyes.


Ourselves.  Self.  In order for Love thy neighbor as thy Self not to be extreme violence, we must strive to love Thyself.

Finding balance depends on the surface/foundation upon which you stand.  With this in mind it would seem wise to find the sturdiest foundation for which to balance.  Love.  If I ever where one to give advice I would say find 1 thing to love in your day.  It will make balancing easier even if for just a moment.

In love,


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Stumble Day


That is so cuteness.

I’m starting to think that this blog is a mirror for myself.  Not too many people read it, but a few do.

Maybe very well.  It is quite intimate for me individually.  Often I’m writing  to remind myself.

Today was a stumble day for me.  Have some sort of Ecuadorian dry season hella cold and my bones ache like I’ve been kicked by a mf’n donkey.

Tough time in the love department.  I suck at money, and all I really want to do is Yoga, garden and play on the land, cook, eat, and sleep.  Sleep rules.

In our current paradigm, I’m a lazy hippy.  But, I say it’s jealously over my righteous locks.  So what … I’m proud of my hair.  It’s my biggest vanity right now.

Anyway, I was taking life quite serious today.  You see I was ill, and tired and achy, and victim story and poor me and stuff.

But, suddenly I was observing myself behave in this manner.  Very Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas … the ether scene.

I was observing my body pushing to get its fix.  It wanted some pain baby and it wanted it now.

Pain addiction at it’s finest.  Son of a bitch I thought.  The right players that help me into a state of getting my fix were present.  So while I did behave like a little baby just a tad iddy biddy bit  <<<<< case and point.  gibberish…I also recovered amazingly fast for a Cancer and am quite over the event that brought on my sad pain kick.

I’m thinking that anyone who reads this post will think holy shit this dude is a special kind of stupid.

So, to myself I say do what you love, or love what you do.

Here is a flowchart for the special kind of stupid like me:


See, I really am a special kind of stupid.  When people tell me that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of …


I say, well it also fits the nature of resiliency, tenacity, determination, being relentless, etc.  Just ask the Babe.


Be strong enough to take the magnificent crash of the wave, or learn to surf.

In fact be both.

I say you can do both and then choose which you’d like to try first.

Finally self, remember the following.


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