The Power Of YOU

“The truth is, indeed, that love is the threshold of another Universe. Beyond the vibrations with which we are familiar, the rainbow-like range of its colours is still in full growth. But, for all the fascination that the lower shades have for us, it is only towards the “ultra” that the creation of light advances. It is in these invisible and, we might almost say, immaterial zones that we can look for true initiation into unity. The depths we attribute to matter are no more than the reflection of the peaks of spirit.” – Pierr Teihard de Chardin

Starting a blog in December 2012 might not seem like the most ridiculous notion to common folk.  But, to the seasoned 2012er, for lack of a better term … this is indeed unfathomable.

Maybe a point is reached in it all when relativity doesn’t seem all that complicated and the idea of living in the “now” seems like common sense.  Attention for so long has rested upon the negative mantras of how horrible it all is. Pointing fingers at all the darkness.  How boring …

Needing people to point out spades for me has been quite unnecessary for some time.  A level of discernment is really an early step.  If your moral compass isn’t activated, I would assume you have eyes and are not dumb.  Isn’t it just all a bit laughable now?

We Are One!images

“This World is not for cowards”

Someone said that to me in a not so dramatic fashion once upon a day.

“Sure thing bud… thanks for the tip ” was all I could say after spending 30 minutes in borderline enlightening /borderline retarded musings over the world together on the bus.

My thought after what he said was that it was an honor rather an experience of cowardice to be part of this world and lay feet upon our mother … Earth.

So many around the world are once again in Communion with the grander stories of existence.  A grander awareness and consciousness is upon us, yet it was never gone.

We are remembering as individuals what was never forgotten by our wholeness.

Spirituality is not something elaborate and esoteric.  It is the most profound of common sense.

You don’t need to pass endless exams to understand the nature of reality and the intimate connections we share.  A simple look to the sky or into the eyes of someone you love can open us up to the grander stories of life.

To know yourself you must be yourself and being yourself authentically only occurs without content.

We are not our thoughts and emotions.  These are but aspects of being.  These things arise and pass away.

As a goal we can seek to Be in truth of each moment.  Everything you are feeling with your emotions, thinking in mind and sensing in body, don’t suppress it nor support it.  Simply be with what is.  This unconditional Yes to experience is Truth and is Love.

I had an experience some years back.  I was meditating, or smoking weed, or just coming out of dream.  Either way the spectrums of my consciousness had flimsy paramaters at the moment.  Suddeny a voice rang in my head…”Interactions with all things are interactions with self.”

It was something for my ego to experience even though I understood the message clearly way back then. We are in a deeper intimacy with all we perceive than we allow ourselves to experience and express with any meaning typically.

We emancipate ourselves from these patterns of fear, anger, spade pointing, etc. by freeing our minds from the concepts and prison of right and wrong judgments.  Judgments breed, and when we forgive, we let go.  We allow an openness for more.

It is understanding and compassion on a collective level that liberates us.  The energy we need is not fear or anger but simple understanding and compassion.  Those who destroy themselves and society aren’t needing more pain and punishment, but the allowance of truth.  Love understood.

Relativity was never stricken solely to life as a mathematic.  E=mc2 isn’t a mantra to be applied as a formula.  EVERYTHING is relative.

We all stand on the precipice of infinity.  You are truth.  Truth reflected through you becomes in a way new truth, for it is perceived uniquely.  Allow this truth and we are united.

For anyone answering the call of self, you are answering the call home to yourself.  A call to the more that is You.

The Cat of Truth behaves like an ever – flowing tide.  It flows best through an open mind and only a continually moving spirit could ever wish to keep on its tail.

There is no copyright on tapping into the ever flowing truth.  All are welcome to Love in motion.

The best way to deal with uncertainty is to come present, become clear and ask yourself what you seek for All that you know to experience?  Then ask the same question concerning All of reality that you don’t know.  “How do you want to feel?” is the simple way Mark England would put it.

Energy flows where attention goes.  So ask yourself in this time of abundant energy, where is your attention?  Where and what are you summoning the gift of presence upon?  Instead of focusing on the darkness, invite Light in.  Forgiving the nightmare of a few is a necessary step in birthing the Kingdom HERE.  Doing the best you can is being in full service.

So, maybe a practical idea is to look at 2012 as a metaphor.  If every day you wake up realizing that some day you will die.  One day you will in fact be right.  Knowing this, each day as we close our eyes, we must ask ourselves, “If today was my last day alive, would I want to do and feel what I did today again tomorrow?”  If the answer to that question is no for days in a row, then it is time to do some recalibrating and check the formulas of your life.

This is not too much for one to ask them self.  If we honor 2012 as this simple metaphor, we realize that the true story of 2012 is an invitation.  We are boundless, infinite, brilliant and gorgeous.  When we let our light shine, we invite others and give permission for everyone to do the same.

Playing small serves no one.

It is time to forgive and heal.  Forgiving yourself is the willingness to live.  It is the allowance in your self to reconcile the word victim with volunteer.

When we move from self judgment to self-love, the resonance of this slight shift begins to heal not only your self but all of the World.

It’s your World.  That isn’t meant to be a riddle.  Within All is where the Divine lives.



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