Occupy Yourself


I’ve always fancied cheering for the under dog.  When the Occupy Movement first started on Wall street and spawned Occupy protests and movements around the World, my thoughts were “well, it’s a start.”  Not much of cheering section I know.

It might be an over simplification to suggest that the movement was rooted in principles regarding the economic disparity among Americans.  That is the just of it however.  Whether this is extrapolated upon and seen as a movement for equality or seen as a more childish movement of envy doesn’t really matter.  It was the first rumblings in some time to showcase that if humanity coalesced its energy behind a purpose it could change the world.

I’ve been in relationship with a bona fide American hater.  Not sure the credentials of merit for her premises or that her ultimate holdings hold much water since most of these alleged Americans were met outside of mainland America and otherwise California.  Is California still a state?

For the record, if forced to identify where I was hatched it would lead one to surmise that I am indeed one of these dreadful creatures called Americans.  This is truly off the point however, and strictly a matter to show case my non self-aggrandizing nature.  Until we talk about sport of course.  I beg a comment from Dave to stroke my ego of baseball crushing days gone by.

The point I’m striking is, that other Cultures not understanding the depths of the  American story and  psyche hasn’t created much sympathy when it comes to cash dollar.  From the perspective of one looking in at the state of the union the last 4 plus years, I assure you the propaganda is convincing.  Based on Internet Media, and brief encounters with newspaper and television, I’m convinced the American public is the dumbest population this side of the Mississippi.

Then again these same media and journalistic trolls are convincing the world that December 21, 2012 is about Apocalypse and dooms day.

First year Law School, as traumatic as it was, fleshed my understandings of the world in a new way.  While studying Constitutional Law with a friend who has since passed, I remember feeling the web all around me as I took in the understanding of this information.  The air buzzed like a bee just in understanding such things.  They call it the Big Picture in Law School.  Fine name for a matrix system, but really it’s nothing more than the understanding of how the Illuminati Families have constructed this ancient control paradigm.

I first felt this “Big Picture” understanding on how the Ponzi scheme matrix system was propped up while studying Economics during undergrad.  I saw then that it’s just an idea, a formula.  A formula based on energy.  I was also studying Philosophy then, so of course everything was relative already.  Economics was just part of the control paradigm.  The monetary construct along with society acting as the cogs creates the system for their own imprisonment.  Easy, next subject.  Today, I pray we are beyond the need for a dissertation on such matters.  Doom and gloom was so 4 years ago.


I’d put some brainy quote here to strike home this truth, but just think of the concept of Supply and Demand for one second.  Believe me, supply and demand are easily controlled.

So, what am I on about? What is all this gibberish above?   Maybe I like to hear the tap of my fingers and see the words of my mind pop on page.  This is true actually.  But, the point I’m suggesting is that activism works a lot better when you know exactly what you want.  Economic equality doesn’t change the established order of things.

In order for there to be a real change, we need a change of meaning.  Changing politically, economically, socially ect. must start with a change of meaning within each individual.

I recently heard someone going on about how much money they had and how they were going to buy some land in lovely Vilcabamba valley.  Relayed in the same breath was how corrupt  the U.S. Banksters are, etc.  I certainly could entertain these conversations from an intellectual standpoint, but the formula was whack from the start.

If the Banksters where the bad guys, then this guy was just some bitch pimp whoring Mother Earth all while further supporting the rank essence of apartheid sweeping over the land.  Land is not for sale.  It is the Mother’s gift to the children of this realm .  I know the current paradigm suggests otherwise.  Still I’ve heard the Amish build houses for each other with a currency called love.  I’ve even heard stories that fruit grows on trees and only needs water and soil.  Money actually does nothing.  It is energy just like the rest of it and just like us.  It is the attention/intention that provides the energy to propagate its existence as an alchemical tool and control tool within the monetary construct.

Economics = control.  Whether you are the 99% or the 1% is irrelevant.  Without consciousness shift to a more encompassing awareness, old establishments of power fall only for new ones to replace them.  Real change for the better is not triggered from within the club of governments and serpents.  It happens when these clubs are forced to acknowledge the will of the people.  This was the genius stroke of the Occupy Movement.  It may have been a movement of “what about me’, but this was the necessary focus changer regarding the placement of our awareness.  It brought at least some of the focus onto the individual.  The only place real change occurs.

I’m sure Ghandi is the better study on such notions, but the invitation for us to each embody the change we wish to see in the world exists.

Occupy Yourself.  Occupy Yourself.  You must love thyself first otherwise loving your neighbor the way you love yourself is simple violence. Equally, if your happiness depends on what somebody else does then surely your math is wrong and you do have a problem.   We are searching for what we already have.  Joy is our birthright.  We just need choose it and place our attention upon it.

Occupy and imbue yourself with Full Spectrum Awareness.  We are simply refining our energies.  If one aspect of potentiality is developed at the expense of the others, we end up with unbalance and even monsters running amok. (See exhibit A.  The World at Large).

Occupy Yourself and avoid the incessant worry over little things, make light with calm mind easing the burden of fear from the shoulders of truth.

Do not hug and prize the key and forget the door.  LOVE

The youtube link below is comedian Bill Hicks on life and the simple choice of Love over fear…


Together in Spirit, One in our love we will change the World … bringing the new story.



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4 Responses to Occupy Yourself

  1. cori kaulana says:

    Thanks Mr.Sexy Scott so like u wow..sharing all what is reality…yeah…sweet…stay safe..take care..love u…n big hugs…mahalo Corina 😉

    Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2012 02:55:46 +0000 To: ckahooka@hotmail.com

    • icrmbwnh says:

      Missing those Diamond Head nights. Who’s the cool cat? You is, that’s who. You’re still the most chilled presence I’ve known. Keep doing what you do … I’ll catch up. xoxo

  2. Eric Young says:

    I love the vocabulary used to describe your viewpoint…the viewpoint from the otherwise of the coin. It saddens me that “Americans” can be held in such distain. Seems that the reality of life and each of our experiences should hold weight..pointing some to realize….for 99.9% of us we are only doing the very best we can with what the deck gave us. We are each in the place we were meant to be, this includes caring for families, ourselves, others, striving to find a better state of mind, or working against the establishment.

    Keep writing…sharing…and spreading the word.

    • icrmbwnh says:

      Spot on EY. You strike a point that might be the most relevant of all. Doing the best you can with what you got and where you are in the world knowing it’s exactly the right place to be. It’s not what you do but how you do what you do that determines if you are living your destiny. Thanks for being the master of poignancy. Has it been so long I forgot your gifts in that regard. Thanks for sharing…

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