Alone, apart or together … either way stand


I looked back on my Old posts from some months back.  I wondered what I would find… I remember being a bit frustrated and overwhelmed.

Certainly not in a state where starting a blog and writing what was on your mind would have been a master stroke of brilliance.

The initial blogs where, well a fumbling righteous banter of esotericism with limited entertainment value.  I wouldn’t have read them had they come my way.

In my mind it’s always poignant, always clever, and matter of factly, but by the time it finds a page to land on it leaves something to be desired.

No doubt I can see  I was writing what I though was best to share and intended it to be of service in some way.  But, well I guess just but.  It was clumsy, righteous and mostly boring in hindsight.

Yet the point and calling is still the same.  However the message I’m looking to share can roll off a bit more chilled these days.

It’s not 2008 and the Reptilian, Illuminati, T.I., C.I.A, dooms day rubbish that roll through towns like Vilca isn’t the same exhaustion it once was.  It’s always entertaining, and mostly I’ll listen to the fear with ease of smile until the trappings of time pull me off.

We are being called into our knowing, into our Divinity and into love.  We are however denying and resisting it to the extent we’re putting off awakened behavior, right action and conscious living.

The narrowed spectrum of choosing between Love and Fear.   Simple Choice?  I say don’t worry about not choosing between anything and just pick love.  It’s isn’t mutually exclusive.

I never meant to be so righteous in the way I relayed information I came to know in the past, but must also express the original intent wasn’t to be such a rubik’s cube for the mind.


Everything we seek we already have…  We are an amazing expression of life and we are exactly where we need to be when we step into the field of now.

All my life I have struggled with confidence.  I was fortunate that sport came easy for me and it allowed me to be a popular kid without some cool kid street cred.

Social interactions were a bit of a mystery and fright for me at times but the biggest stumbling block was of course the cliche of myself.  People actually did like me.  You wouldn’t know it by strolling through my mind as the story of people laughing at me or mocking me was always there …. (in the mind)

Even in life now I find my mind wants to start its script before the presence of the open mind even settles in.

People aren’t thinking bad things about me, most are wondering what bad things everyone else is thinking about them.

Not to mention the disharmony of such a manner of being.  I certainly can’t be part of what I would hope to see in the world if I don’t see it’s Union in Love, nor would I compromise my convictions in order to co-exist in a lower vibration.

The only step is to stop the commentator and just be authentic.

Wake up, reflect and transmit consciousness in a loving manner.  Help each other do the same, and contribute to the unveiling of the Universe meeting itself.

“The difficult can be done immediately, the impossible takes a little longer.”

A couple fumbles in, a breathe of 2013 and some Kundalini rising has the blog back on the rails.  Hope to say something worthwhile this year.

Would be better with a glove on my hand.

May All the Beings in All the Worlds be Happy…xoxo



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One Response to Alone, apart or together … either way stand

  1. Superb post however , I was wanting to know if you could write a litte more on this topic?
    I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit more. Cheers!

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