Boston Massacare False Flag and Awakening


Well some are awake … but more switch on everyday.

All false flag murder events come with intended, expected, and potential vibrational manifestations.  Manipulation of the collective dream of “reality” creates a massive ripple in our consciousness which I propose can be played as an invitation to wake from the trance state of the illusory worldview grafted upon us from birth.

One doesn’t need to study Social Conditioning to bear witness to the socially conditioned masses.  We should sense what is in store for us as a population after seeing such events unfold.480622_601444056549996_1154180502_n 1

Once you sense something is amiss in the world, you have a choice.  Investigate the invitation to awaken and start the beautiful journey of expanding consciousness or deny it.  Use your imagination and you can explore what your choice here could mean for yourself, your family and beyond.

An event that is so in your face as this false flag murder event in Boston draws the attention of the entire world. Psychicly it is an extremely powerful focal point event.

Common sense 101 tells us that energy flows where attention goes and exploring how energy is harvested and  utilized on the world stage may seem a fringe exercise for wierdy ones, but why not play a bit with some thought.

So much attention is put on fear promotion through gruesome imagery and horrendous story lines, relayed by our propaganda medias, that these false flag murders take on a bit of their own mind and entity.

It would be wise to consider all the options humanity has for this massive uptick of world-wide presence on one event and how what we do and how we respond is important during such a time.

What we choose to do with our energies in such situations are vital in our development and manifestation as co-creators.

I would be surprised if anyone doubted our beloved governments of the world would just murder people because they can or to create some furtherance of an agenda.


Most likely a theoretical Orwellian government (we’ll call U.S.A. just for discussion) would present the idea for tighter security, restriction of civil liberties and justice through blood let of our brothers and sisters throughout the world.  Maybe a document like the Patriot Acts or other Brave New legislation would be implemented as an accepted and necessary measure for security.

This Orwellian idea would implement with ease throughout the world utilizing any number of clever Draconian measures.  Each European Union, African Union or other could be controlled through a different measure or event.

For example a drought in Africa utilizing H.A.A.R.P tech or other black opp tech could work just as well as war.  Combined with war the devastation would be extra potent.

Found the below browsing today.


What a crazy coincidence.  If only the training happened just a day early maybe the evil doers could have been thwarted!!!


Sarcasm has always been a gift.  I learned well of course, but honestly a gift.  Some things can not be taught.  I can be a sarcastic ass.  My gift…

Still, what we choose to experience is our choice.   I am humbled by the diversity of perceptions and expressions this yields, but in truth I feel compelled to at least make attempts to invoke some breath of thought into Zombie land.

It’s no one’s fault that this world is a bit mad and we’ve taken a bit of a digger.  It is bloody overwhelming at times.  Still it is ok.  This is a co-creative realm and plenty of fingers can be pointed as the blood is on all of our hands.  I can’t help but believe this is a  lesson in forgiveness, and a necessary hurdle for us to collectively leap for continued activation and growth of Mother Earth and her children.

My encounters with almost everyone I meet leads me to believe we all have something to forgive.  We all have something to heal. Some attachment, some pain addiction to the wrongs and losses of the past, and those we blame for them.  Many patterns play out in our daily lives and often the emotional anguishes of life can be down right imprisoning.

I believe in this situation the turnkey is forgiveness.  I see forgiveness as love and loving is to forgive your self and all the mirrors of yourself that you encounter each day.  But before we embrace such a crazy notion as love and forgiveness let’s get back to the options.

The first option I was eluding to above is the FEAR/CONTROL paradigm that has been running for a boring, long time.  It’s the time to get afraid story, you are in danger and have no power story. We could embody this and help the agenda along and in fact have been and continue to do so as a mass consensual co-creative.

Another option could be to have a wide range of emotions and reactions.  Maybe some hierarchical judgment about Pakistan or another Middle Eastern country.  But, ultimately you choose compassion for the loss of dear souls in such a fashion.  You wish it didn’t happen and hope all the killing and dieing in the world by the hands of our brothers and sisters could stop.

If your spiritual compass is kicked on you may use the dynamics of the energy to send loving and healing vibrations into the matrix and intend that this tragedy strengthens the reach for love and expansion of awareness rather than perpetuate the agenda.

In the non fear options one could seek to send the most loving wishes to the World and to the Universe.  Then maybe strive each day to do the best you can to be the best person you can be to All Beings, All Things, and to All THAT IS in love.

I bet that comes off intense to some, but the time to start awakening and expanding is now.

Someone said to me once, “you’ll never see the flower yell at the buds yet to be … flower.”

I think that is true, but also believe the flowers have mechanisms for coaxing their family into blooming together.  I’d imagine this could be proven biologically and maybe through other science as well.  I imagine the human family is experiencing this now in our activation of spiritual tendencies and increasing awareness.

I suppose the point is … it is ok to wake up now.  Many have awoke before us and many will after and beyond us in worlds of time.  The beauty is we may be experiencing the opportunity to wake up together as a global and universal family.

Humanity will soon understand that everything we have led ourselves to struggle and slave for is available to all the world right now, without struggle.  No jobs, no money; simply commodities of love and compassion in recognition of our Humble Unity.

Humanity will come to know that our combined ingenuity would easily allow all needs to be met.

Food, Water, and the skin of Mother Earth are gifts to the children of this realm.   There is no need to have conceptions such as money to allow these birth rights to be.

Energy tech has proven that grace energy is available now., i.e., we know how to create devices that generate more energy than it takes to run them, therefore creating surplus… i.e, ALL ANY OF US COULD NEED.

The starting line for what we can already be and experience with no effort is far beyond what we experience now.

We tricked ourselves in so many ways and in a world of time it only takes a bit of it for a system to be implemented that self perpetuates itself into a machine that then takes little effort to further install the beliefs into society which are chosen.  This consensual reality births manifest because it is supported by our moms, dads, brothers, sisters and most everyone we encounter.

I mean not to frighten anyone by saying such things, nor insult or bring any downward  spiral energy.  Rather I really seek in love to extend an invitation to everyone to embrace our becoming and Wake Up.

These type of events are truly an invitation to take a moment and ask yourself why did this happen and what else is possible.?  A simple exploration of the beautiful gift that is our minds.

These events are a slap in the face, but these old stories will fall off through our joined efforts as people to be in love and share the joy of our expanding selves.  Educate each other the most loving way you can.

I’m so humbled and grateful for everything I’ve experienced in life.  I tip my cap to all who I’ve met and loved.  I’ve learned so much and continue to enjoy the ride.

So, just my thoughts that it would be great if we came together in love.  I’m in either way.  Buy the ticket, take the ride.

Big Love…



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2 Responses to Boston Massacare False Flag and Awakening

  1. Carmela says:

    I concur, perfectly stated.

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