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Kisses and Hugs…

I sent an article out a few days back in an email to some friends and family…

Here it is…


If you didn’t or don’t read it don’t fret.  It contained some information that was meant to empower but maybe came out as a hurdle.

…so jump…

My intentions weren’t in the Debbie Downer field, but simply to suggest a moment of presence be given to the current world as we experience it.

I’m a huge pusher of understanding that:

(energy flows where your attention/ a.k.a. intention goes).

With this article I wasn’t bringing focus to the trolls in control and their death game to frighten you.  It was to light the fire of knowing that says NEXT and directs the understanding of the game into learning to focus our energies/presence into birthing the ‘New’ World.

We are already home.  It’s time to bring some Epic Shit to this realm.  Like Clean Food, Clean Air, Clean Water and Healthy Bodies.

I love you guys! I love all of you!

I have no interest in promoting the old nonsense Illuminati ghost stories.

Team Love Unite!

What prompts this?  A dear friend of mine sent the below after reading the article I sent off.  I was bummed by the first thought, happier about the then thought.  It was good to be reminded of some of the collateral effects of such strong information.

It’s always hard to read articles that spells it all out in a small blurb. First thought while reading… fuccckkkk. Then after, my heart aches for those whom are unaware. I’ve personally chosen the horse blinder approach otherwise emotionally I become so drained. As my new found friend xxxxxxxxxxxx  would advise … pick your emotional battles, make sure that you have enough strength to win them otherwise wait till you can.  I’m not sure it that’s the proper way either… but I’m trying that one for now.”

I’m maybe just too cavalier of an S.O.B.  I think it’s great perspective, great truth and love the depth of sharing.  Our diversity of truths is a strength not a weakness.  This one just isn’t me though

If there is a battle we win,

If it’s a game we’re winning that.

If it’s a race I’ll meet you at the finish line, and nothing is stopping Mother Earth, the human family and all in this story from ascending their energies as high as they would ever dare imagine possible!

21280_10151634477040482_315177063_n Plus, this guy was right!


‘When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it – always.’ ― Mahatma Gandhi

so was she! …


and the mistakes of this man’s generation will not repeat! …


I do understand how an article like the one in question can bring on the apathy.  I bring it up though not because of what we must surmount but because the cavalary is here and we are winning.

Head up, Heart open!

I’m seeing something in our brothers and sisters of today that our brothers and sisters of movements past saw only peeks of.

We are waking up!!!  Soon We are woke up!

All the information for all the questions you would ever have is available to you now.

Whether you are a computer guru wanting to go techy style researching the internet for absurd info,  a mystic learning ancient history of our enlightened past or dabbling in Meditation, Yoga and alternative health.

It doesn’t matter.  Learn, share and love any way you can.  This is and we are unstoppable…


The email from my friend reminded me that sometimes information inspires some intense emotional experiences.  Mind, Body, Soul comes with all sorts of bodies to stretch and bend your multidimensional self within.

The emotional body can lead your mental, biological, etheric, … … hell, all your bodies will follow your freaked out mind if you can’t still your presence and ground yourself into something bigger than yourself.

Root presence in.

Make like a tree McFly, and ground your presence through the Mother.  Love her!

Breath is always the link, Deep full breaths.  But, just touching Mother Earth can ground you into Earth energies.

So, Instead of info being enlightening and encouraging it can slippery slide into devastating and crippling embodiments like fear and apathy.

I too have had adverse reactions to heavy information before.  But, remember Information/truth is of the light.  Withholding might be something else.

Integrate it the best you can.  Any advice is cliche… but Love will always shine the way home.

I think you are awesome!  All of you!  You are awesome.

You are here, and now the world has to deal with you.

Wake up, and poke your brothers and sisters!  It’s time for love, light, farms, clean water, clean food, real education, health, well being, community, expansion and … beyond!



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