For Reals?


Haven’t really been inspired to blog lately.  From an experiential standpoint I’m hesitant to point at too much of the old paradigm control mechanisms. However,  The Draconian dying beast that these systems are, carry the most dangerous potentials in their death gasp.

It’s good to be mindful of cornered cats and what that behavior would exhibit itself as if it were say a Government in today’s world of dying hierarchy systems and rulers.

I would like to share the above article.  It is more subtle than say, False Flag Terror attacks or Genocidal Murder Wars, etc.

Rights are being bundle stripped in attempts to curtail Americans ability to inform themselves.

Not to mention what’s being done to diminish ability to care for themselves, know what is happening to them as a biological sentient being or possess the ability to care that it is happening.  That’s one idea anyway.

The rest of the world looks at Americans as self servers anyway, so why would they care or have compassion for you?  You are the ones killing their children, poisoning their lands, and whatever other atrocities are happening to the children of the realm.  That is what they see, experience from a relative point of view, and believe in large numbers.

So let’s go there for God’s sake.  Let’s go to how we are seen.

Their taking away our stuff Americans!!!  Don’t you care!!!

You’re going to lose your television shows!  Beer, Soda, Doritos … all gone!  What if we lost our Video Games, Porn and stuff?!

Don’t worry!!! My God, I could cause panic and pandemonium saying something like that.

That stuff will be around as long as they can get it in our bellies and in our minds.

Senate Bill S510 was the legislation that made it illegal for Americans to have home gardens.  How many wicked law breakers are out there I wonder???

So, outlawing internet cafes may not be quite the extreme as S510.  It is subtle Orwell.  It makes sense too right?  People are gambling and people are making money on it.  Interesting little slaves we’ve become to our keepers.  That’s their job to run the scams.  It must humor them.

Forgive me, that might sound dark.  It is in my own confusion over watching loved ones, and my fellow Americans be booted down rather than Being their true nature as free spirit that brings me to righteous indignation.

945505_193943074093863_1167880682_nI know that is an extreme generalization.  People really are waking up and I know that this includes friends, loved ones, myself, Americans and even the Australians.  It’s true!  I know one and it’s thinking and learning…

Yesterday it was Hangover Yoga.  Thankfully only one student who shared me in hangover and enjoyment in cause attended.  Today it’s an overdose of caffeine mixed with a bit of fractal mind.

I’m being a bit of an addict these last days.  So, if I offend anyone and this blog doesn’t make sense.  It wasn’t me.  It’s the drugs …

Plus I listened to Eminem, 2pac and Flobots in some formative years.  Lately I’ve listened to Kid Cudi, Ani Difranco, Jack Johnson, Jose Gonzalez, and Mishka.

Surely my mind has been infiltrated with these horrible non-conformers.

Here is my cool epic photo with some sort of attempt to put words as equally epic as company pic of the day.

followingthecrowdAnd, …

The I love you guys pic and quote of the day:

532230_460398994051751_854544539_nNew day!  How exciting.  Yesterday got to help repair a road.  Today the potentials are equally boundless!

Love and Hugs to you.

Be Happy


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