B.Y.O.H. – my type of party!


Was spending some time with friends today. We were listening to music and having a little energy share.

Kids by B.O.B (featuring Janell Monae’) came up on the playlist.  I hadn’t heard the song before, but as I listened to the following lyrics, my vibration was engulfed with driven, wondering energy.

How exactly do we intend to explain the world of Now to our Children, to our Granddaughters and Grandsons?  How are we explaining this to ourselves?

Here are the lyrics I heard:

“They filled with such pollution.
The kids don’t stand a chance.

We’re trapped inside the matrix.
Forced to play our hand.
We’re filled with so much hatred.
The kids don’t stand a chance.”

The children of this realm are better suited to explain true nature to their parents “raising” them.

But that is another story.

The truth is this:  This world rules!

Mother Earth is alive and she is strong.  We are the sick.  We are her ill children who are here to learn, heal, understand and LOVE.

I don’t mean to speak in riddles.  We are fine as well.  There is nothing wrong.  I suppose it’s just that Choice happens.

Everyday, Choice happens.


The legends of the “Philosopher’s Stone” which would turn base metal into Gold, was an allegory to Hermetic Philosophy.

It is a representation of an idea.  True alchemy happens within.  “ENERGY”, “POWER’ and “MATTER” are subordinate to Mastery of Self.

A closed mind is locked from within.  So start thinking.  Find your key.  Here’s the invitation you have been waiting for:

Be Your Own Hero

The Good news is >>>  The mind like metal can be transmuted from state to state, pole to pole, vibration to vibration.

The kids do stand a chance.  They need some heroes.

So, Be Your Own Hero.  For the Kids!!!

Know that this world is beautiful.  You are beautiful.  We are already home.

There are so many amazing people in this world and together we’re going to create more amazing.


Here is the song by B.O.B. on youtube.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHeO-4Ad9IA

Couldn’t help but notice the image is of him Kneeling on  Mother Earth, with his hand upon her skin. Grounding, Communing.  True Intimacy.  Beautiful.


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2 Responses to B.Y.O.H. – my type of party!

  1. EvolvedLove says:

    Beautiful writing! I feel very inspired, though I have no kids. I can still be a role model, (:

  2. scott says:

    Thank you kindly. Your inspiration, inspires me… 🙂

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