Why Do We Fall…


So we can learn to get back up.

How generic is it if I got that from Batman?

Still, I will submit that the first two Batman movies with Christian Bail we’re pretty tight.  The one with Bane… egh.  Bane would have smoked him the second time as well.  Not buying the broken back recovery story.

Ahh yes, but this is neither here nor there.  This blog was actually inspired per request on my first blog of 2013, Alone, apart or together … either way stand.

I went back and read it nervously.  I don’t really like reading what I wrote before.  Usually I’ll observe myself with a severe critics eye.  Reading I’m thinking My God you are such an Arrogant Ass Monkey Scott.

Maybe not that elaborate.  Usually just a thought that I’m a dick and feel all boo hoo and such.   Sometimes however it blows my mind as well.

Still, I was greatly humbled for someone to open up into a topic.  I enjoy the opportunity to delve further into the thought matrix of elder posts.

It truly is an honor for even one person to have interest in what I wish to share.

As I read that old post I came across the below:

>>>> We are being called into our knowing, into our Divinity and into love.  We are however denying and resisting it to the extent we’re putting off awakened behavior, right action and conscious living. <<<<

Yup.  That is my opinion.  I’m pretty much hitting the same topic from slightly different angles in each post.  My intention is to share the resonance of truth and love the best I can in a moment.

Maybe I’ll explain it in terms of how my experience is operating basically:   Spirit compels me to fall within a spectrum or vibration of thought and Being.  It comes in as a language of Love.

Ego pulls, grounds, imprisons, polarizes … whatever you want to call it into denser vibrations.

I suppose writing something would necessitate having ego and said denser vibrations.

I’m not attacking ego here.  I don’t see Ego v. Spirit as the setup.  Existence of one thing doesn’t come in detriment of another.  Mutual exclusivity seems like a clunky operating system for something as amazing as human.

I’d rather use the ‘death of ego’ as a metaphor for the quickening of higher vibrational consciousness.  I like to believe that complimenting the ego from time to time is ok.

Ego’s do ground us into manifest form and enjoying the experience of embodiment is beautiful.  As I had said to me once,

… “Show Me Where God Isn’t”…


Living life with presence is a phenomenal experience.  When I first started experiencing consciousness expansion I couldn’t believe how awake I believed I was prior to that moment, let alone what experience had become for me.

The ego wants to make this a matter of intelligence.  Being awake and conscious has nothing to do with arbitrary measures of task accomplishment or any other concept of intelligence.

If we allow the ego just for a moment to conceptualize something of grander perception.  Heck just imagine the idea that there is a perception, just one even, that experiences what you call life uniquely different than you.

Then allow the ego to do what the ego does best, and imagine something as audacious as the fact that everything you see is you … That interactions with all things are in fact interactions with self.

I imagine such understanding is meant to be a liberating experience rather than an immobilizing truth that it can sometimes present itself as.


I love imagining things.  With imagination there is no such thing as impossible.  There is NO SUCH THING AS IMPOSSIBLE.

Different word same meaning.  Possible, impossible.  Chicken and egg.  Same shit different state of Being.

We’ve created imagination with a very narrow spectrum.  We imagine that Imagination is the land of non-reality.  Again non-reality, reality … same shit, different state of Being.

The ego loves this little glitch and attempts to corral Spirit into being the little  “I” that has a name, a job, responsibilities, irresponsibilities, and all sorts of things to identify itself to.  The hiccup comes in that these bodies aren’t made for holding onto All That Is, and are better suited as conductors for Spirit to flow through us.

The only mandate is, live then die.  Where you are going you won’t need luggage like a body.  These are vessels for experience.  So rock it.  This is fun despite all the craziness we have and are experiencing in our forgetting.

You are All That Is, has been, and ever will be.  That is remembering.


I had to work this picture of these lions in.  How magnificent is that!!

I feel compelled to share the below article in this blog as well:


It’s a bit of the same in some ways, however, I feel the vibration of the piece really is in compassion and in attempt to facilitate further awakening for the human family.

I also wanted to strike the point that it is time for some action in the form of peaceful resistance.  We have to wake up first of course, but once an individuals awakening process begins and then reaches a state of adolescence where some comfort is had in the new frequency, you have reached a point of being called to share, express and speak your truth.

Not just the negative truth of the atrocity of society, but the truth of how amazing and beautiful we are in our infinite nature.  We can do and be anything and at the same time there is nothing wrong.  I hope sharing that there is more to us and more possible for us all isn’t seen or taken as saying that there is something wrong with anything.

There is nothing wrong with falling.  That is how we learn to pick ourselves up.  In order to be the experience that we are individually and collectively, we fall from the precipice of our knowing.

Now individually and collectively we learn to Rise.


Not sure if this is anywhere near what blogger (purpose of existence) was yearning for, but this was what flowed through.

Keep awakening and imagining the beauty of new in love…


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