Stumble Day


That is so cuteness.

I’m starting to think that this blog is a mirror for myself.  Not too many people read it, but a few do.

Maybe very well.  It is quite intimate for me individually.  Often I’m writing  to remind myself.

Today was a stumble day for me.  Have some sort of Ecuadorian dry season hella cold and my bones ache like I’ve been kicked by a mf’n donkey.

Tough time in the love department.  I suck at money, and all I really want to do is Yoga, garden and play on the land, cook, eat, and sleep.  Sleep rules.

In our current paradigm, I’m a lazy hippy.  But, I say it’s jealously over my righteous locks.  So what … I’m proud of my hair.  It’s my biggest vanity right now.

Anyway, I was taking life quite serious today.  You see I was ill, and tired and achy, and victim story and poor me and stuff.

But, suddenly I was observing myself behave in this manner.  Very Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas … the ether scene.

I was observing my body pushing to get its fix.  It wanted some pain baby and it wanted it now.

Pain addiction at it’s finest.  Son of a bitch I thought.  The right players that help me into a state of getting my fix were present.  So while I did behave like a little baby just a tad iddy biddy bit  <<<<< case and point.  gibberish…I also recovered amazingly fast for a Cancer and am quite over the event that brought on my sad pain kick.

I’m thinking that anyone who reads this post will think holy shit this dude is a special kind of stupid.

So, to myself I say do what you love, or love what you do.

Here is a flowchart for the special kind of stupid like me:


See, I really am a special kind of stupid.  When people tell me that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of …


I say, well it also fits the nature of resiliency, tenacity, determination, being relentless, etc.  Just ask the Babe.


Be strong enough to take the magnificent crash of the wave, or learn to surf.

In fact be both.

I say you can do both and then choose which you’d like to try first.

Finally self, remember the following.



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