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Point blank truth right there I reckon.  It feels good to think that way too.  The proverbial rolling of the ball in the right direction.

I love the idea of positive thinking having a real affect in and of the world.  The way I’m feeling and thinking is everything to me in a way.  I’m a cancer though.  How it feels is the world to me.

If I’m sad, the way I experience the world tends to be sad.  When I’m happy the world still has pain but the choice to suffer is resisted.  I tend to be happy and see happy things.  What I see as a “sad experience” tends to have greater depth behind it allowing me to see from a position of greater overview.

Maybe Forrest would say: … Happy is as Happy does.

I would like to challenge myself and anyone else who would like to make a positive affirmation first thing every morning.  I’m thinking the best way for me to do this is to begin each day in the dharma of practice.  The mornings I teach Yoga will be easy.  Setting a sankalpa is one of the first things we do every class.

Hmmm, the other mornings it’s usually a coffee.  A ritual in and of it self.  It would be nice to put a little ceremony in to that.

I do often say when ritual becomes habitual it is no longer Bhakti.  It is no longer a devotional practice, but instead more a habitual behavior, addiction, an attachment, etc.  If I follow up ritual coffee with my personal Yoga Practice I would be grounding my energy into positive energy experiences everyday rather than a less mindful manner of day initiation.

These days are strange indeed.  Sometimes it is very difficult to see much joy.  That is a challenge.  It is a call to find a purpose in this madness.  That is why the morning happy smile about something for a second challenge is on.  Each morning will be different.  Some come with an overflow of smiles and others are a melancholic desert of sorrow with smiles a mirage in the distance.


Let the morning smile challenge begin… Even if just taking a few moments to take deep balanced inhales with equal exhales finding happy thoughts is your way to do it.  Find a way to imagine something nice to you.  There is no such thing as wasted effort…



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