Surrounded By Smoking Guns … no specific suspect … Who is “They”


People are waking up every day.  One thing I’ve seen traveling through the World the last six years is an acceleration of the phenomenon … Awakening.

In equal parts, it is clear that the proliferation of an Orwellian globalist agenda, along with fancy tools and poisons to keep you asleep, is moving with increased urgency.

All over the World people are having there Ah – Ha moments that finally bridge themselves to themselves.  People really are coming to understand the Oneness and Nothingness they bloom from.

Flowers are blooming all over the place.  The weather is a bit rowdy, but roots are starting to form behind this world wide phenomenon of Awakening.  It is fueling a desire to return home to Love and shepherding of Mother Earth.

The call home is allowing people to see the control paradigm laid before them in full layers.  No longer are certain stories and conceptions of reality holding supreme authority as the webs of certain belief structures are peeled away.

A few years ago, the story of Reptilians and Greys … Annunaki takeover, Matrix A.I. systems, wealthy elite, or whatever other “they” control paradigm story was either laughable from the unawakened or resisted by the awakened vibrationally.  The story was working well as it was spooky.

No one wanted to look at this scary belief construct.  A bomb no one was too eager to attempt to diffuse.

Yet, in a way, whether we want to acknowledge the full truth or not, this is part of the story we have been experiencing.  It doesn’t matter if you believe in a “they” out there or not.  You can start with what common sense and five sense perception reveals to you.


I won’t even begin to delve into how to be open minded.  It is something you just do.  It is a simple choice and it starts with questions not answers.

I implore, what ever story you have programmed yourself with, no matter what is filling your cup, no matter what your bomb is, take a look at it and diffuse it.  Don’t stare at it, just diffuse it and move on to the truth.

The longer we resist insight into the grand deceptions of the matrix, the more stark our situation becomes.

There’s no compromising middle ground to stand upon here. The bomb of you will meet the bomb diffuser of you.

The bomb of Hierarchy of Authority we collectively face should be within the view of everyone.  Ignorance is no longer synonymous with innocence.

If you are an awakening consciousness, then stand firm in knowing, it’s not a matter of if the World realizes the truth, but when.  The cat is out of the bag.

The choice can be brought with less edge said like this:

Are you going to continue to take authority as the truth, or do you have the courage to take truth as authority?

Get busy living or get busy dieing.

The degree you mingle with the control paradigm will determine the level that this authority is exercised over you.  Obviously if you are in an active role of diffusing bombs you are pretty close to that edge as well.

As to the question of Who is they?  Who gives a shit.  They is an idea to remove with a better one.  They is the problem to whatever the solution is that we should be focusing on instead.  They is the opposite of this picture.


They is the boring story inviting the new.  They is the Vampire to the Slayer.  They is the antithesis to the thesis.

If the problem to the equation is:    they is You.  The formula/solution is, You are they.

And, You are they.  We are all intimately connected.  Each little i of the collective we has a test of courage and determination to undertake. The quest for truth and love requires nothing less than a rite of passage.

There may be no avoiding a rite of passage for the fully determined.  Still, Challenges are part of any quest and required for sharpening the axe of Knowing.

Dark nights of the soul birth shining knights of the heart.

If you desire something else, something new, something more in service to realm, in service to self and each other then know that any level of  Spiritual maturity dictates that we participate in this service to humanity.

For those choosing to stay asleep, your only question to answer is:  will you go along with their plans out of fear or ignorance?

A dear friend sent me this today in his brief reflection of reentry into N.Y.C., ‘Don’t judge someone just because they sin differently than you do.’

Pretty good… that is why I say, stay asleep if you like.  Awaken if you like.

Follow the moral compass of your sacred heart brothers and sisters.  We are being called forth to stand now.  I pray in knowingness the collective embodiment of Love in Divine truth.



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2 Responses to Surrounded By Smoking Guns … no specific suspect … Who is “They”

  1. Cathy Laws says:

    What a beautifully written post!! Keeping an open-mind begins with challenging your beliefs (in my opinion). I am ashamed to admit I used to obsessively watch FOX News in high school (no offense if you lean that way) but then Al Jazeera opened my mind to ideologies I never knew existed. Now I consider myself libertarian, but why even label your beliefs in the first place, right? It is what it is. If you’re unfamiliar with Eckhart Tolle, I highly recommend you research his work; I think you might like his books!

    • icrmbwnh says:

      I swear I replied to your comment twice and nada. Anyway, thank you so much for your kind words. You have me on a Tolle kick. Had a quote from him in the blog after this one and then my boo hoo blog I just posted I couldn’t stop NOW momenting.

      Sending love and light…

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