Today is the Day


Today is the day …  Pretty good mantra for an awakening spirit.  Today’s are where we exist.  Yesterdays, tomorrows, they don’t exist outside of thinking about them today.  Wait, do they?  NO!

Inside the nutshell of today, the real guts of it all is found.  Boiled all the way down to it’s bits and bobs of micro-moments, today’s hold the sweet glory of NOW.  Nothing exists outside of that.  Now is all there is.  It doesn’t matter what just happened.  How grand, how horrible, how ordinary, none of that matters.  It’s here and gone in a blink of an eye.  Thinking about the past doesn’t mean you are doing it now.  You are simply thinking of it now.

Thinking about yesterday, tomorrow, anything that has happened or will happen doesn’t take you anywhere but NOW.  This is the moment where thoughts of such things actually exist.  It is the only moment that possess any real substance of anything.  You may have heard it referred to as the “Power of Now”.

Everything you ever do in life will be done in the Now moment.  Realizing the Now moment is the only moment that exists isn’t even required to accomplish a life, or even lifetimes.

Here’s an experiment.  If you have a small item by you, pick it up.  Look at it carefully.

Put it down.

Think about the time, the moment just before where you picked it up.  Now, think about a future moment where you pick it up.  NOW, pick it up again.

See the difference.

Thinking about the past time you did something, or a future time you will do something isn’t real.  Only Now’s.

It is this way with all things and moments.  Whether it was a happy time you are remembering, a sad time, or a whatever time, today is all we have.  Tomorrow isn’t promised.

Things like this are so easy to know as a philosophy, but so difficult to know through a way of being.

But, in the end, life is life.  The only knowing we can have speaks its own contradiction >>> The only thing you can know is that you know nothing.  Stand upon the contradictions of life.  Non knowing is where the cool people chill.

It is said that, strength of character is about how much you can handle before breaking.  Maybe it’s also about how much you can handle after you’ve broken.

Use your now moments wisely.  They are the only thing of any significance and your choice makes all the difference.

03-Evolutionary+MytosisThis is a super interesting picture to me.  Biologically it’s a representation of mitosis which is a form of nuclear division.

For some reason it’s just interesting to me as a concept and function of life.  Maybe Dimensional “mitosis” is the same when shifting density’s and vibrational embodiment.  The new energetic embodiment wouldn’t know of the old nor would the old know of the new, yet there they both are.  Actually, of course they would know of each other, but the level of comprehension would vary infinitely like all things.  Hmmm.  Little tangent there.  Was just writing what I was thinking and not really paying attention.  Hmmm again.

Anyway, advice to self: Pay attention to your now’s and draw in presence.

Off to Bed.  Posting NOW just for kicks.


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2 Responses to Today is the Day

  1. del says:

    Well put… I reckon’ yer’ fillin’ yer’ boots man!

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