It’s Never Too Late For Surfing Lessons

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”That which in the beginning seems like poison, but in the end becomes Nectar — is the happiness which springs from the serenity of one’s own Spirit.”  Bhagavad Gita XVIII.37

I have  been reading Bhagavad Gita repeatedly the last month or so.  Instinctively in times of trouble waters I seem to dive into the nearest avenue of tapping Primordial Wisdom.

My emotional body has been quite active so in attempt to sharpen my axe a bit, these words of encoded truth have been another great tool for surfing the golden edge of equanimity.

In my most recent Sacred Medicinal Journey (Wachuma), I found myself hearing Hare Krishna echo in my thoughts and mindfully repeated the Maha Mantra through out the journey.  I was so thankful for how powerful the young woman I was sharing space with was and that I was able to let go off the role of space holder and surrender into Divine Consciousness without Big Brother Lion embodying and standing firm to guard and watch the field against “strange” vibrations.

I do my best to remain non-hierarchical so it was no surprise to me to be reading Bhagavad Gita and be guided to the “Great Mantra”.  Krsna, Buddha, Jesus, etc. are on the same bowling team is what I’ve been saying to spectrumed minds telling me, Jesus is the only way, or this or that is the only way.

Hierarchy keeps the formula incompatible.  The example in my personal life was that when I started writing this blog post, I felt the itch to continue my theme of whining about my addiction to painful wicked experiences with the former flame.

I’m indulgent, so maybe just a bit of personal psychoanalysis.

My knowing to own my part in destructive relationships hasn’t kept me from engaging with a wicked person.  Each time crawling back like a oft beaten dog thinking this time the serpent will mind her manners.

Creating the hierarchy in my mind to see how miserable this person is in all ways one possibly could be doesn’t take away my responsibility for my own addiction and enabling of such experience to manifest in the world.  Nor does seeing the choice of another to choose the way of the draconian lizard give me free rein to pedestal myself in any fashion.

Misery loves company.  So, to myself I say own your shit and remove yourself as companion.  Encountering dull spirit need not dull your blade.  This rubble can sharpen as well as dull your axe, and how you use your available tools is your choice.

Here is the thing, remember that everything is God.  The Oneness shines the truth.  These embedded tendencies, the proclivities embodied as modes of existence that make up an individual’s ‘nature’ are also God, the One.

In Sanskrit our habitual compulsions which bind us to the illusion of separation are call GUNAS.

Every moment of every day we are bombarded by GUNAS as waveforms emitted from the temporal illusory holograms of everyone around us.

The small personality selves, the little “I” of the people we know and love, as well as those we hate, even strangers are incessantly mixing with our own vibrational construct.  This occurs so incessantly, that most of us have no idea where our thoughts come from, meaning we don’t know if a thought is our own or coming from someone else.  Sympathetic resonance is extremely powerful so be mindful of that which you commingle and commune your spirit with.


It is quite impossible to access one’s inner-world when surrounded by the constant distraction of other human beings resonating dense vibrations in the waveform of fear, anger, stress, etc.

The contract we have with physicality by being born into a human body is deeply binding. To overcome the five senses and the laws of physics is very difficult because it’s rooted in a choice made at a level of mind that is way deeper than any level we have access to in our current manifest three dimensional state.

Reject gravity and try stepping off a chair. You will fall to the floor. That’s the whole point of physicality, to be bound by restrictions and consequences that create a kind of game or workout for the soul.

You are in charge here, so grab the wheel and steer the ship rightly.

When it comes to Self, recognize that emotions like anger are an aspect of the commentator. Emotions aren’t real, you can observe them and watch them arise and pass away.  Have the courage to let them pass through and out and take positive ACTION instead, by flushing your mind and heart full of love and inspiration.

Easily said right?  Still love and understanding go hand in hand.

The highest love and the highest understanding are the same thing.  When you truly understand something or someone in the most absolute sense, you can’t help but love them. That’s where the two halves of the equation unite. But, in our current mode of existence, the best we can do is strive to balance and develop both sides in parallel.


I remember reading in a random new age book, here and there along the way and again today in an article, “this too shall pass”, as a guiding principle.  It has always been cliche to me, but none the less an effective tool when utilized as conscious behavior regarding emotional embodiment of denser vibrations.

Qualities of love, compassion, and empathy are functions of spirit, of our inner Godspark. The moment we give those up, we give up the very thing we’re fighting for.  But, when lessons are learned, move on.  Energy flows where attention goes, and focus on misery and miserable people simply leads you to be misery itself.

A great service is to simply be a witness to cruel and unconscious behavior.  It is an action to remain seated in your equanimity and this action creates further and necessary alchemical tools for healing and expansion.

Still, love without wisdom is ignorance and naiveté.  To embody love, compassion, and empathy is the correct choice in my book, but the other half of the equation is wisdom, discernment, and awareness. You have to be sharp, think hard, see through the deception, and have the tools and knowledge to carry out the directives that come from your heart.

Of course turn the other cheek, but if you can avoid steering your ship into the rocky shores, then be wise young captain and keep your ship in the smooth seas of love, compassion, forgiveness and pure Joy.

The Industrial medical Goliath may prescribe the happy pills, the entertainment industry may sell you false smiles, and the government may continue their propaganda and say we are the way, but happiness, genuine, true and lasting happiness is something that comes as a result of an inner process, a transference of one’s awareness from expectation to appreciation. A maturation of the understanding of one’s relationship to Self, to other people, and to the world at large.

Expect-a-MiracleMany of you have families, loved ones and adored children. But, if you really want to give the ones you love something that is truly valuable, something that will endure, something eternal – then give them your higher consciousness!

For those who really know it well, happiness along with cultivating spiritual knowledge is both the purpose of human form, and the secret to a good and meaningful life.

Learning how to be happy in this life is of sincere practical value because happiness affects your embodied attitude and positively influences all we do and interact with.

We live in unusually perilous and complicated times.  The skill of being happy is hero’s work and of particular use in mitigating the fear and uncertainty that accompany us.  Only in joy can we become the type of person that can help others along through this adversity.

In communing with Great Spirit my take is that Mother Earth has taken our utter disrespect of her and the children of the realm to heart and her field is evolving away from the denser embodiments.

If you are still acting like the story we are living as a human family is allowable then I suggest you put some intent and energy to switching your shit on, and on the quick!

Start living for what truly matters … and answer that question for yourself you lazy shits.  No on else can define you!

Modern man will have to relearn the secret of life and understand that to disrespect, abuse, and harm “Mother Nature” is ultimately to disrespect, abuse and harm himself.

Surf’s Up!!

GREAT SPIRIT [official music video]


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2 Responses to It’s Never Too Late For Surfing Lessons

  1. Oh ‘ so that{s where my copy of the Gita went! You can give that back, as well as all the one’liners of mine you depend on throughout your blog to make yourself sound wise, instead of predatory …. first rule of medicine journeys: don{t fuck your {clients{ … same goes for yoga teaching. The shala is a sacred space, not a brothel. xxx

  2. icrmbwnh says:


    Apologies for attacking the serpent so hard. Something in all of us that I hope we strive to integrate. Brahma would maybe be insulted or maybe laugh. Still, I would have been in better service to be more balanced and less charged about it all. I love the little lizzy in all of us. What a phenomenal aspect of self!

    I’m sorry to hear that you have misplaced your copy of the Gita. I am reading a friend’s copy.

    I have never slept with a student of any kind. I take intimacy at that level to the depth of my soul and would never treat the gift of sexuality in such a way. It is truly such a blessing to experience intimacy and communion at that level, and I would never dishonor myself first of all, in such a way.

    The flower you saw me handing that young woman in HER room was a repeating of a lesson for both of us about beauty, transformation, and enlightenment.

    The whole World is Sacred Jade. As you said to me once, ‘show me where God isn’t’

    Please feel free to leave a comment about any beliefs or ideas that I have shared and expressed that you believe belong to you.

    With all my Being I pray you find peace.

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