Random Thought


I was thinking about Anger and the embodiment of this emotion.

When it’s you, let it pass through and observe.  When it’s coming at you, do the same.

The other thought was: What is the greatest defense against the vampires?

For the militant, revenge type… What is the greatest weapon against them?

Same answer:  BE HAPPY.

The greatest gift to this realm is Joy.  I’m so humbled and honored to be part of this World and experience.  The diversity of consciousness present just within the human family is awe inspiring.

I pray we remember our Divinity soon in this time line, but at the same time it wouldn’t be the first time we hung ourselves on the cross.

Sending Love and Hugs from my heart to All.


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Random dude in a random world. xx's and oo's
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3 Responses to Random Thought

  1. Corina says:

    Mahalo Scott (Thanks) for the reality lyric/check that most of us are lacking. Happy/Joy, Smile.. Y?Life is too short to live otherwise!!Imagine taking the last breathe on this beautiful planet and wa~la ur dead. In other words, be happy, think positive; try, and smile. Who knows what would we look like when its time to go!!!!! ;^)

    • icrmbwnh says:

      Cornina!!!!! Aloha chica … I miss you. Miss the clear depth and presence of you … Have my little Om you gave me on my hip. Keeps the funny mojo down. Great Spirit had you in my thoughts immediatley. Sending love and hugs from my heart. I´ll hit you with a mail soon… Would love to catch up… xoxo

  2. Del says:

    Love it ~ dealing with a lot of anger, currently… Thanks for sharing and take care! Oh, and Happy Halloween

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