Why Do We Fall…


So we can learn to get back up.

How generic is it if I got that from Batman?

Still, I will submit that the first two Batman movies with Christian Bail we’re pretty tight.  The one with Bane… egh.  Bane would have smoked him the second time as well.  Not buying the broken back recovery story.

Ahh yes, but this is neither here nor there.  This blog was actually inspired per request on my first blog of 2013, Alone, apart or together … either way stand.

I went back and read it nervously.  I don’t really like reading what I wrote before.  Usually I’ll observe myself with a severe critics eye.  Reading I’m thinking My God you are such an Arrogant Ass Monkey Scott.

Maybe not that elaborate.  Usually just a thought that I’m a dick and feel all boo hoo and such.   Sometimes however it blows my mind as well.

Still, I was greatly humbled for someone to open up into a topic.  I enjoy the opportunity to delve further into the thought matrix of elder posts.

It truly is an honor for even one person to have interest in what I wish to share.

As I read that old post I came across the below:

>>>> We are being called into our knowing, into our Divinity and into love.  We are however denying and resisting it to the extent we’re putting off awakened behavior, right action and conscious living. <<<<

Yup.  That is my opinion.  I’m pretty much hitting the same topic from slightly different angles in each post.  My intention is to share the resonance of truth and love the best I can in a moment.

Maybe I’ll explain it in terms of how my experience is operating basically:   Spirit compels me to fall within a spectrum or vibration of thought and Being.  It comes in as a language of Love.

Ego pulls, grounds, imprisons, polarizes … whatever you want to call it into denser vibrations.

I suppose writing something would necessitate having ego and said denser vibrations.

I’m not attacking ego here.  I don’t see Ego v. Spirit as the setup.  Existence of one thing doesn’t come in detriment of another.  Mutual exclusivity seems like a clunky operating system for something as amazing as human.

I’d rather use the ‘death of ego’ as a metaphor for the quickening of higher vibrational consciousness.  I like to believe that complimenting the ego from time to time is ok.

Ego’s do ground us into manifest form and enjoying the experience of embodiment is beautiful.  As I had said to me once,

… “Show Me Where God Isn’t”…


Living life with presence is a phenomenal experience.  When I first started experiencing consciousness expansion I couldn’t believe how awake I believed I was prior to that moment, let alone what experience had become for me.

The ego wants to make this a matter of intelligence.  Being awake and conscious has nothing to do with arbitrary measures of task accomplishment or any other concept of intelligence.

If we allow the ego just for a moment to conceptualize something of grander perception.  Heck just imagine the idea that there is a perception, just one even, that experiences what you call life uniquely different than you.

Then allow the ego to do what the ego does best, and imagine something as audacious as the fact that everything you see is you … That interactions with all things are in fact interactions with self.

I imagine such understanding is meant to be a liberating experience rather than an immobilizing truth that it can sometimes present itself as.


I love imagining things.  With imagination there is no such thing as impossible.  There is NO SUCH THING AS IMPOSSIBLE.

Different word same meaning.  Possible, impossible.  Chicken and egg.  Same shit different state of Being.

We’ve created imagination with a very narrow spectrum.  We imagine that Imagination is the land of non-reality.  Again non-reality, reality … same shit, different state of Being.

The ego loves this little glitch and attempts to corral Spirit into being the little  “I” that has a name, a job, responsibilities, irresponsibilities, and all sorts of things to identify itself to.  The hiccup comes in that these bodies aren’t made for holding onto All That Is, and are better suited as conductors for Spirit to flow through us.

The only mandate is, live then die.  Where you are going you won’t need luggage like a body.  These are vessels for experience.  So rock it.  This is fun despite all the craziness we have and are experiencing in our forgetting.

You are All That Is, has been, and ever will be.  That is remembering.


I had to work this picture of these lions in.  How magnificent is that!!

I feel compelled to share the below article in this blog as well:


It’s a bit of the same in some ways, however, I feel the vibration of the piece really is in compassion and in attempt to facilitate further awakening for the human family.

I also wanted to strike the point that it is time for some action in the form of peaceful resistance.  We have to wake up first of course, but once an individuals awakening process begins and then reaches a state of adolescence where some comfort is had in the new frequency, you have reached a point of being called to share, express and speak your truth.

Not just the negative truth of the atrocity of society, but the truth of how amazing and beautiful we are in our infinite nature.  We can do and be anything and at the same time there is nothing wrong.  I hope sharing that there is more to us and more possible for us all isn’t seen or taken as saying that there is something wrong with anything.

There is nothing wrong with falling.  That is how we learn to pick ourselves up.  In order to be the experience that we are individually and collectively, we fall from the precipice of our knowing.

Now individually and collectively we learn to Rise.


Not sure if this is anywhere near what blogger (purpose of existence) was yearning for, but this was what flowed through.

Keep awakening and imagining the beauty of new in love…

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B.Y.O.H. – my type of party!


Was spending some time with friends today. We were listening to music and having a little energy share.

Kids by B.O.B (featuring Janell Monae’) came up on the playlist.  I hadn’t heard the song before, but as I listened to the following lyrics, my vibration was engulfed with driven, wondering energy.

How exactly do we intend to explain the world of Now to our Children, to our Granddaughters and Grandsons?  How are we explaining this to ourselves?

Here are the lyrics I heard:

“They filled with such pollution.
The kids don’t stand a chance.

We’re trapped inside the matrix.
Forced to play our hand.
We’re filled with so much hatred.
The kids don’t stand a chance.”

The children of this realm are better suited to explain true nature to their parents “raising” them.

But that is another story.

The truth is this:  This world rules!

Mother Earth is alive and she is strong.  We are the sick.  We are her ill children who are here to learn, heal, understand and LOVE.

I don’t mean to speak in riddles.  We are fine as well.  There is nothing wrong.  I suppose it’s just that Choice happens.

Everyday, Choice happens.


The legends of the “Philosopher’s Stone” which would turn base metal into Gold, was an allegory to Hermetic Philosophy.

It is a representation of an idea.  True alchemy happens within.  “ENERGY”, “POWER’ and “MATTER” are subordinate to Mastery of Self.

A closed mind is locked from within.  So start thinking.  Find your key.  Here’s the invitation you have been waiting for:

Be Your Own Hero

The Good news is >>>  The mind like metal can be transmuted from state to state, pole to pole, vibration to vibration.

The kids do stand a chance.  They need some heroes.

So, Be Your Own Hero.  For the Kids!!!

Know that this world is beautiful.  You are beautiful.  We are already home.

There are so many amazing people in this world and together we’re going to create more amazing.


Here is the song by B.O.B. on youtube.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHeO-4Ad9IA

Couldn’t help but notice the image is of him Kneeling on  Mother Earth, with his hand upon her skin. Grounding, Communing.  True Intimacy.  Beautiful.

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What’s the Story


I’m not sure where I’m going with this blog post just yet.  I’m truly undecided what the story will be.  But, that is exactly the energy I’m looking to work with today.

So much “information”  or DIS-information is out there!  My goodness how does one discern?

Well, no matter what I ever say, I’m telling a story.  One way or another I express a thought form, idea, belief construct to you, for you to discern using consciousness or lack there of.  So let’s just play today.

There are a few things I repeat as Dogmatic mantra’s these days.  Whether it’s with Yoga students, or an old couple on a nature walk with me.  Or maybe a medicine journeyer who is having a first experience of Unity Consciousness.

> Interactions with ALL things ARE interactions with SELF…

> Energy flows where Attention / Intention goes…

> We ALL have the responsibility to weave our OWN myth…

> It’s not what you do, but HOW you do what you do that determines whether you are fulfilling your destiny…

Little pokes at my own consciousness and those of other children of the realm that I’m so honored and blessed to be in communion with.

My belief is this:  the truth is whatever you believe, no matter what you believe.

The truth is everything you don’t believe.

No matter what story we fall for as individuals, we are never wrong in what we believe.

We are truly creators of the world we experience.


Or co-creators if you like.  All depending on your perspective.  Or, maybe you are simply victim to it all.  Having no power at all is the power you choose to create and experience.

The Power of illusion, or the illusion of Power.  You choose.  blah blah blah…1206_573136002709416_86696975_n

Ontology is great as philosophy.  AS A PHILOSOPHY!

A great example I remember during Undergraduate studies is as follows:

1.  By definition, God is the greatest possible being that can be conceived.

2.  God exists as an idea in the mind.

3.  A being that exists as an idea in the mind and in reality is greater than a being that exists only as an idea in the mind.

4.  Thus, if God exists only as an idea in the mind, then we can conceive something that is greater than God.

5.  But that we can conceive a being greater than the greatest possible being that can be conceived is a contradiction.

6.  Therefore, God exists.

Does it matter?  This is simply an a priori demonstration of God’s existence.

But, how can the existence of anything follow from a definition or clever logic?

Wisdom always leads to contradiction.  Even more, knowledge limited to the physical world and bounded by the shortcomings of our five senses is not the can opener to freedom.  Unless the belief structure you are operating under dictates so.

Everything is consciousness.  A sleeping consciousness and an active consciousness are just two expressions of the same infinite consciousness.

Our minds are so powerful, we can imagine ourselves separate from All That Is.  Does that make it so?  I always answer this yes and no.  Same as any question.

But as a matter of honoring the experiential nature of ourselves, maybe we can be elegant and add some discernment and purpose to our lives in such comprehension of the multidimensional aspects of self.

Everything is story.  Blah blah blah… just story.  Mark England always follows this up with, “so write a good one.”

Most often the stories we live by are elaborate prisons for our mind that we’ve constructed.  That WE’VE constructed.

I don’t say this to diminish the joys of being the sentient, beautiful, creative Being that you are, but in desire of offering  a metaphorical turnkey to yourself.  A turnkey for yourself that is a gift to all the other parts, aspects and imaginations of yourself out there.


Add another feather to your cap in the knowing of your unfathomable nature.


I offer that your ideas are but stepping stones of the infinite ladder of yourself to the infinite ladder of yourself.  Not a typo.

Don’t hold onto them too tight, but simply make sure they are secure enough for you to stand on and leap to the next stone / ladder rung of your infinite self.

Having a hard time finding the next step?

Here are some questions to ask yourself….

1.) Who am I?

2.) Why am I here?

3.) Where did I come from?

4.) Where am I going?

Contemplate yourself!!

If you find religiosity helpful, here are a few great pointers I’ve come across.

Greek: “The human soul is, fundamentally, everything that is.”

Hindu: “Thou are that.”

Christian: “Every other being takes only a limited part of being whereas the spiritual soul is capable of grasping the whole of being.”

Jewish: “At opposite poles, both man and God encompass within their being the entire cosmos. What exists seminally in God unfolds and develops in man.”

Islamic: “Who knows his soul knows his Lord.”

Still these are just ideas, just story as well.


What’s your story?????


Love you All!!  Hope this resonates with a few of you nutters out there.  If not, throw it out and start again.  So many story’s and only ONE YOU…

Live it, Love it, Dream it,,,,




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For Reals?



Haven’t really been inspired to blog lately.  From an experiential standpoint I’m hesitant to point at too much of the old paradigm control mechanisms. However,  The Draconian dying beast that these systems are, carry the most dangerous potentials in their death gasp.

It’s good to be mindful of cornered cats and what that behavior would exhibit itself as if it were say a Government in today’s world of dying hierarchy systems and rulers.

I would like to share the above article.  It is more subtle than say, False Flag Terror attacks or Genocidal Murder Wars, etc.

Rights are being bundle stripped in attempts to curtail Americans ability to inform themselves.

Not to mention what’s being done to diminish ability to care for themselves, know what is happening to them as a biological sentient being or possess the ability to care that it is happening.  That’s one idea anyway.

The rest of the world looks at Americans as self servers anyway, so why would they care or have compassion for you?  You are the ones killing their children, poisoning their lands, and whatever other atrocities are happening to the children of the realm.  That is what they see, experience from a relative point of view, and believe in large numbers.

So let’s go there for God’s sake.  Let’s go to how we are seen.

Their taking away our stuff Americans!!!  Don’t you care!!!

You’re going to lose your television shows!  Beer, Soda, Doritos … all gone!  What if we lost our Video Games, Porn and stuff?!

Don’t worry!!! My God, I could cause panic and pandemonium saying something like that.

That stuff will be around as long as they can get it in our bellies and in our minds.

Senate Bill S510 was the legislation that made it illegal for Americans to have home gardens.  How many wicked law breakers are out there I wonder???

So, outlawing internet cafes may not be quite the extreme as S510.  It is subtle Orwell.  It makes sense too right?  People are gambling and people are making money on it.  Interesting little slaves we’ve become to our keepers.  That’s their job to run the scams.  It must humor them.

Forgive me, that might sound dark.  It is in my own confusion over watching loved ones, and my fellow Americans be booted down rather than Being their true nature as free spirit that brings me to righteous indignation.

945505_193943074093863_1167880682_nI know that is an extreme generalization.  People really are waking up and I know that this includes friends, loved ones, myself, Americans and even the Australians.  It’s true!  I know one and it’s thinking and learning…

Yesterday it was Hangover Yoga.  Thankfully only one student who shared me in hangover and enjoyment in cause attended.  Today it’s an overdose of caffeine mixed with a bit of fractal mind.

I’m being a bit of an addict these last days.  So, if I offend anyone and this blog doesn’t make sense.  It wasn’t me.  It’s the drugs …

Plus I listened to Eminem, 2pac and Flobots in some formative years.  Lately I’ve listened to Kid Cudi, Ani Difranco, Jack Johnson, Jose Gonzalez, and Mishka.

Surely my mind has been infiltrated with these horrible non-conformers.

Here is my cool epic photo with some sort of attempt to put words as equally epic as company pic of the day.

followingthecrowdAnd, …

The I love you guys pic and quote of the day:

532230_460398994051751_854544539_nNew day!  How exciting.  Yesterday got to help repair a road.  Today the potentials are equally boundless!

Love and Hugs to you.

Be Happy

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Shambles to Rambles

images-8                            Even the cats are waking up!!!  I AM PRESENCE!!!


This morning I awoke in stress.  Totally not a surprise.  I went to bed feeling anxious, and felt anxious all day.

My stress is stress of a third kind …  Stress over stresses I’m causing for loved ones…

A bit of background:

For the last couple months I’ve been living with the most wonderful family.  Massively switched on people thru and thru.  A married couple with 3 boys, ages 16, 14, and 12.

Their home lies half way up the Sacred Mountain of the valley.  The same Sacred Mountain I’ve been taking seekers from around the world to summit over the last year.

Many times when I felt no reason to be in Vilcabamba, Mandango worked on my spirit.  “The Sleeping God” as it translates is the never ending spirit of this valley and has been home, refuge and a place of massive healing and growth for me.

In return I have worked hard on the land, offered vegetarian love cuisine and done my best to fulfill the most enlightened ‘Charles in Charge’ embodiment for these young men as possible.

I absolutely have loved it and continue to love sharing space with this family.

Oh yea…. STRESS… I forgot….!!!!!!

get-attachment 6

The stress is via the tug of war I’ve created by not being clear with these loved ones around what is going on with me.  For some reason I was embodying a fear over sharing me.

Additionally a certain expectation has been co-created.  Typically I’ve been around working or helping out everyday.  Lately I’ve been pulled to be out and about a bit more.

At the same time, personal life desires of my own weren’t necessarily being fully acknowledged by me or explored by me.  Mostly because it simply wasn’t in the space and other things were developing for me in the separation from my long term partner.

I would like to have a life, family, home and gardens of my own.  Even though this space is offered as a home for me, I think most would understand.

I’ve put off these desires for purposes of what I can only explain as a calling to expand and liberate thy soul coupled with a belief that the World is waking up.

That’s why reuniting with my life partner of the last 5 years is exciting for me and it’s a shame that the old story of the bad and icky expressed some time back is echoing its haunt into the present as well.

To elaborate, certain things have unfolded that put my love relationship of the past 5 years at odds with my “family” relationship.  It’s really trivial on many levels, but having discernment about experiences and interactions with the people in your life is an asset for everyone.

There are reasons for the tension and don’t blame anyone but myself for their presence.  Still that conflict isn’t mine to resolve.

I feel that my belief that these two important loved aspects of my life are at odds is the culprit in my stress story.  My own perspective on the situation is what  created the narrowed spectrum of allowable expression, denser vibrations and the manifestation of Shambles … now in rambles.

I created stress for me and I was struggling to communicate well with the other interested parties of the created triangle.

Because I was nervous and trying so hard to make both sides happy without bringing the “commune” to the  ication, a disharmony developed.  My stress or resisting of  myself turned it all a shambles.

Well not that bad, but my mind will tell you it is just awful and painfully sad.

get-attachment 2-2If I we’re simply being authentic and expressing freely without imagining stress over it, then there would have been no stress or edges leading into the narrowed spectrum of potential manifestations.  In fact it pinched so hared that all 3 parties came into disharmony with their experiences.

This is an over simplification of what this learning is for me, but it comes down to simply taking more responsibility to bring presence to the table and express authentically what is going on from the heart.

I’m not sure if it was Law School or other brain washing techniques of the Henry Ford Model of Education, but for some reason it takes a tremendous amount of courage and energy for me to simply cut through all the propaganda of my own mind and ego and get down to the simple true natures of my experiences as a sentient being.

So much hiding from myself…

On top of the complexities of social dynamics, I seem to have blind spots galore in matters of partnership and love.  These have often been the most clumsy and confusing expressions of my life.

Mostly I wonder why so much pain embodies between me and those I love over such trivial matters.  Is it because I find the matters trivial that enrages so much?

I don’t have a confusion over trivial matters as far as having compassion for pains experienced.  Emotionally they are ripe to the core.

I just don’t understand why the preference we have in our relationships is to express strong emotional vibrations minus the same strong vibrations in our spiritual and mental bodies.

We create vast expression of pain… war, murder, corruption, … just see the Illuminati train roll, but at the same time we have yet to seek the same depths of expression in our wisdom both of intellect and spirit.

The  levels of intimacy attained thru tantric love making and authentic expression certainly leads to activation of the emotional body.  But, I believe that the activation of this into pain addiction is not normal and is symptomatic to the profoundly sick nature of the societies we live in.

I’m not sure I’m ready to do details on a blog, but another woman taught me a thing or two about right behavior, respect and love.  If I wasn’t in love she is the other one.

Anyway, for short cut sakes, I’m still in love with the same woman and she loves me, and maybe it begs the question, what is at odds?  Well we haven’t had the most peaceful history either and some wounds heal ssslllloooooooowwwww…

Things are always a bit more complicated than they seem as well when minds are involved, but when I took some deep breaths into myself, the little “i” called Scott was reminded to be free and authentic.

I breathe in ideas of unwavering balance into the field.

I love my family, … via blood and beyond.  I love the woman who has been the partner in my life and the one whose knee hurts.

I love you all.

Love is not a mutually exclusive endeavor of being in truth with yourself.  It is the only way to have true integrity.

In a state of non-resistance, I know good advice for me is , “don’t sweat the small stuff'”.  Life is short, yet has infinite opportunities for each of us to realize and become the destiny that is our truest nature.


“Interactions with All things are interactions with Self.” – Seth

http://www.sethlearningcenter.org/     — if you’re interested in this channel

This simple knowing about the nature of reality has  allowed me to see the victim stories I run in the world as well as the games being run by my mirrors.

I have played victim, then perpetrator, then back to victim and back to perp many times before as if it’s some twisted co-dependent pain addiction fantasy.  I’ve watched it unfold many times more as well.

However, as we awaken to our Unity we are better able to cycle through these patterns we have been on the marry go round with.  Intention to see and learn how to unhook ourselves from these stories provides keys to liberate us from them.

I believe by doing the best we can to express ourselves with gentle compassion allows opportune  for commune.  The place of true communication of seeking both to be understood but more so to understand.  A Unity of thought.

I’m so thankful for these interactions that are unveiling so many layers for me to integrate as I settle the accounting of my personal story.

I’m not sure if my perspective on such things unveils anything for anyone else but for me verbalizing these matters as mundane as they might be is really helping me release them as attachments.

A sort of healing of old, older, and oldest patterns.  This mirror to look at myself allows a place for me to understand myself as a puzzle piece fitting into the grand fabric.

Much love to everyone…

These make me smile.  Nice switchero as well…

Love out,


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Epic Shit


Kisses and Hugs…

I sent an article out a few days back in an email to some friends and family…

Here it is…


If you didn’t or don’t read it don’t fret.  It contained some information that was meant to empower but maybe came out as a hurdle.

…so jump…

My intentions weren’t in the Debbie Downer field, but simply to suggest a moment of presence be given to the current world as we experience it.

I’m a huge pusher of understanding that:

(energy flows where your attention/ a.k.a. intention goes).

With this article I wasn’t bringing focus to the trolls in control and their death game to frighten you.  It was to light the fire of knowing that says NEXT and directs the understanding of the game into learning to focus our energies/presence into birthing the ‘New’ World.

We are already home.  It’s time to bring some Epic Shit to this realm.  Like Clean Food, Clean Air, Clean Water and Healthy Bodies.

I love you guys! I love all of you!

I have no interest in promoting the old nonsense Illuminati ghost stories.

Team Love Unite!

What prompts this?  A dear friend of mine sent the below after reading the article I sent off.  I was bummed by the first thought, happier about the then thought.  It was good to be reminded of some of the collateral effects of such strong information.

It’s always hard to read articles that spells it all out in a small blurb. First thought while reading… fuccckkkk. Then after, my heart aches for those whom are unaware. I’ve personally chosen the horse blinder approach otherwise emotionally I become so drained. As my new found friend xxxxxxxxxxxx  would advise … pick your emotional battles, make sure that you have enough strength to win them otherwise wait till you can.  I’m not sure it that’s the proper way either… but I’m trying that one for now.”

I’m maybe just too cavalier of an S.O.B.  I think it’s great perspective, great truth and love the depth of sharing.  Our diversity of truths is a strength not a weakness.  This one just isn’t me though

If there is a battle we win,

If it’s a game we’re winning that.

If it’s a race I’ll meet you at the finish line, and nothing is stopping Mother Earth, the human family and all in this story from ascending their energies as high as they would ever dare imagine possible!

21280_10151634477040482_315177063_n Plus, this guy was right!


‘When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it – always.’ ― Mahatma Gandhi

so was she! …


and the mistakes of this man’s generation will not repeat! …


I do understand how an article like the one in question can bring on the apathy.  I bring it up though not because of what we must surmount but because the cavalary is here and we are winning.

Head up, Heart open!

I’m seeing something in our brothers and sisters of today that our brothers and sisters of movements past saw only peeks of.

We are waking up!!!  Soon We are woke up!

All the information for all the questions you would ever have is available to you now.

Whether you are a computer guru wanting to go techy style researching the internet for absurd info,  a mystic learning ancient history of our enlightened past or dabbling in Meditation, Yoga and alternative health.

It doesn’t matter.  Learn, share and love any way you can.  This is and we are unstoppable…


The email from my friend reminded me that sometimes information inspires some intense emotional experiences.  Mind, Body, Soul comes with all sorts of bodies to stretch and bend your multidimensional self within.

The emotional body can lead your mental, biological, etheric, … … hell, all your bodies will follow your freaked out mind if you can’t still your presence and ground yourself into something bigger than yourself.

Root presence in.

Make like a tree McFly, and ground your presence through the Mother.  Love her!

Breath is always the link, Deep full breaths.  But, just touching Mother Earth can ground you into Earth energies.

So, Instead of info being enlightening and encouraging it can slippery slide into devastating and crippling embodiments like fear and apathy.

I too have had adverse reactions to heavy information before.  But, remember Information/truth is of the light.  Withholding might be something else.

Integrate it the best you can.  Any advice is cliche… but Love will always shine the way home.

I think you are awesome!  All of you!  You are awesome.

You are here, and now the world has to deal with you.

Wake up, and poke your brothers and sisters!  It’s time for love, light, farms, clean water, clean food, real education, health, well being, community, expansion and … beyond!


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A Thought Before Garden


‘The self-confidence of the warrior is not the self-confidence of the average man. The average man seeks certainty in the eyes of the onlooker and calls that self-confidence. The warrior seeks impeccability in his own eyes and calls that humbleness. The average man is hooked to his fellow men, while the warrior is hooked only to infinity.’ – Carlos Castaneda

Rooting myself back into Mother today with some work on the land.  Was reflecting on some of the turmoil in the world and was feeling the overwhelm of our plight as Humanity in regard to the tragedies we see before us day to day.

Then I thought of an Ali v. Frasier I replay I saw on ESPN one time.  I often share a tale about what I learned watching that fight and seeing what was in their eyes.

I understood what a warrior was the moment it flashed before me.  Like the first time seeing a naked woman I knew I saw something special and didn’t know quite how to get my hands around it … metaphorically speaking???


It’s a tough gig at the moment for many of us in the world

Most of us are tied to the collapsing world systems for survival, so the endurance of our spirit gets tested.  It gets stretched and pulled to the limits and sometimes I do hear that inner voice asking the question, “How deep is this will of mine… will it withstand… what difference does it make?”

In moments like this I know only to turn to my breath and find some humbleness and beauty right now before me.  Breathe life, strength and courage into being authentically you.  May All The Beings In All The Worlds Be Happy…


Just Breathe… bypass the chatter in the mind and ego and drop the commentator.  That’s where I’m headed.  The land always helps the stories drop away for me.

Big Loves to You.

Love you land time…


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Boston Massacare False Flag and Awakening


Well some are awake … but more switch on everyday.

All false flag murder events come with intended, expected, and potential vibrational manifestations.  Manipulation of the collective dream of “reality” creates a massive ripple in our consciousness which I propose can be played as an invitation to wake from the trance state of the illusory worldview grafted upon us from birth.

One doesn’t need to study Social Conditioning to bear witness to the socially conditioned masses.  We should sense what is in store for us as a population after seeing such events unfold.480622_601444056549996_1154180502_n 1

Once you sense something is amiss in the world, you have a choice.  Investigate the invitation to awaken and start the beautiful journey of expanding consciousness or deny it.  Use your imagination and you can explore what your choice here could mean for yourself, your family and beyond.

An event that is so in your face as this false flag murder event in Boston draws the attention of the entire world. Psychicly it is an extremely powerful focal point event.

Common sense 101 tells us that energy flows where attention goes and exploring how energy is harvested and  utilized on the world stage may seem a fringe exercise for wierdy ones, but why not play a bit with some thought.

So much attention is put on fear promotion through gruesome imagery and horrendous story lines, relayed by our propaganda medias, that these false flag murders take on a bit of their own mind and entity.

It would be wise to consider all the options humanity has for this massive uptick of world-wide presence on one event and how what we do and how we respond is important during such a time.

What we choose to do with our energies in such situations are vital in our development and manifestation as co-creators.

I would be surprised if anyone doubted our beloved governments of the world would just murder people because they can or to create some furtherance of an agenda.


Most likely a theoretical Orwellian government (we’ll call U.S.A. just for discussion) would present the idea for tighter security, restriction of civil liberties and justice through blood let of our brothers and sisters throughout the world.  Maybe a document like the Patriot Acts or other Brave New legislation would be implemented as an accepted and necessary measure for security.

This Orwellian idea would implement with ease throughout the world utilizing any number of clever Draconian measures.  Each European Union, African Union or other could be controlled through a different measure or event.

For example a drought in Africa utilizing H.A.A.R.P tech or other black opp tech could work just as well as war.  Combined with war the devastation would be extra potent.

Found the below browsing today.


What a crazy coincidence.  If only the training happened just a day early maybe the evil doers could have been thwarted!!!


Sarcasm has always been a gift.  I learned well of course, but honestly a gift.  Some things can not be taught.  I can be a sarcastic ass.  My gift…

Still, what we choose to experience is our choice.   I am humbled by the diversity of perceptions and expressions this yields, but in truth I feel compelled to at least make attempts to invoke some breath of thought into Zombie land.

It’s no one’s fault that this world is a bit mad and we’ve taken a bit of a digger.  It is bloody overwhelming at times.  Still it is ok.  This is a co-creative realm and plenty of fingers can be pointed as the blood is on all of our hands.  I can’t help but believe this is a  lesson in forgiveness, and a necessary hurdle for us to collectively leap for continued activation and growth of Mother Earth and her children.

My encounters with almost everyone I meet leads me to believe we all have something to forgive.  We all have something to heal. Some attachment, some pain addiction to the wrongs and losses of the past, and those we blame for them.  Many patterns play out in our daily lives and often the emotional anguishes of life can be down right imprisoning.

I believe in this situation the turnkey is forgiveness.  I see forgiveness as love and loving is to forgive your self and all the mirrors of yourself that you encounter each day.  But before we embrace such a crazy notion as love and forgiveness let’s get back to the options.

The first option I was eluding to above is the FEAR/CONTROL paradigm that has been running for a boring, long time.  It’s the time to get afraid story, you are in danger and have no power story. We could embody this and help the agenda along and in fact have been and continue to do so as a mass consensual co-creative.

Another option could be to have a wide range of emotions and reactions.  Maybe some hierarchical judgment about Pakistan or another Middle Eastern country.  But, ultimately you choose compassion for the loss of dear souls in such a fashion.  You wish it didn’t happen and hope all the killing and dieing in the world by the hands of our brothers and sisters could stop.

If your spiritual compass is kicked on you may use the dynamics of the energy to send loving and healing vibrations into the matrix and intend that this tragedy strengthens the reach for love and expansion of awareness rather than perpetuate the agenda.

In the non fear options one could seek to send the most loving wishes to the World and to the Universe.  Then maybe strive each day to do the best you can to be the best person you can be to All Beings, All Things, and to All THAT IS in love.

I bet that comes off intense to some, but the time to start awakening and expanding is now.

Someone said to me once, “you’ll never see the flower yell at the buds yet to be … flower.”

I think that is true, but also believe the flowers have mechanisms for coaxing their family into blooming together.  I’d imagine this could be proven biologically and maybe through other science as well.  I imagine the human family is experiencing this now in our activation of spiritual tendencies and increasing awareness.

I suppose the point is … it is ok to wake up now.  Many have awoke before us and many will after and beyond us in worlds of time.  The beauty is we may be experiencing the opportunity to wake up together as a global and universal family.

Humanity will soon understand that everything we have led ourselves to struggle and slave for is available to all the world right now, without struggle.  No jobs, no money; simply commodities of love and compassion in recognition of our Humble Unity.

Humanity will come to know that our combined ingenuity would easily allow all needs to be met.

Food, Water, and the skin of Mother Earth are gifts to the children of this realm.   There is no need to have conceptions such as money to allow these birth rights to be.

Energy tech has proven that grace energy is available now., i.e., we know how to create devices that generate more energy than it takes to run them, therefore creating surplus… i.e, ALL ANY OF US COULD NEED.

The starting line for what we can already be and experience with no effort is far beyond what we experience now.

We tricked ourselves in so many ways and in a world of time it only takes a bit of it for a system to be implemented that self perpetuates itself into a machine that then takes little effort to further install the beliefs into society which are chosen.  This consensual reality births manifest because it is supported by our moms, dads, brothers, sisters and most everyone we encounter.

I mean not to frighten anyone by saying such things, nor insult or bring any downward  spiral energy.  Rather I really seek in love to extend an invitation to everyone to embrace our becoming and Wake Up.

These type of events are truly an invitation to take a moment and ask yourself why did this happen and what else is possible.?  A simple exploration of the beautiful gift that is our minds.

These events are a slap in the face, but these old stories will fall off through our joined efforts as people to be in love and share the joy of our expanding selves.  Educate each other the most loving way you can.

I’m so humbled and grateful for everything I’ve experienced in life.  I tip my cap to all who I’ve met and loved.  I’ve learned so much and continue to enjoy the ride.

So, just my thoughts that it would be great if we came together in love.  I’m in either way.  Buy the ticket, take the ride.

Big Love…


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Alone, apart or together … either way stand


I looked back on my Old posts from some months back.  I wondered what I would find… I remember being a bit frustrated and overwhelmed.

Certainly not in a state where starting a blog and writing what was on your mind would have been a master stroke of brilliance.

The initial blogs where, well a fumbling righteous banter of esotericism with limited entertainment value.  I wouldn’t have read them had they come my way.

In my mind it’s always poignant, always clever, and matter of factly, but by the time it finds a page to land on it leaves something to be desired.

No doubt I can see  I was writing what I though was best to share and intended it to be of service in some way.  But, well I guess just but.  It was clumsy, righteous and mostly boring in hindsight.

Yet the point and calling is still the same.  However the message I’m looking to share can roll off a bit more chilled these days.

It’s not 2008 and the Reptilian, Illuminati, T.I., C.I.A, dooms day rubbish that roll through towns like Vilca isn’t the same exhaustion it once was.  It’s always entertaining, and mostly I’ll listen to the fear with ease of smile until the trappings of time pull me off.

We are being called into our knowing, into our Divinity and into love.  We are however denying and resisting it to the extent we’re putting off awakened behavior, right action and conscious living.

The narrowed spectrum of choosing between Love and Fear.   Simple Choice?  I say don’t worry about not choosing between anything and just pick love.  It’s isn’t mutually exclusive.

I never meant to be so righteous in the way I relayed information I came to know in the past, but must also express the original intent wasn’t to be such a rubik’s cube for the mind.


Everything we seek we already have…  We are an amazing expression of life and we are exactly where we need to be when we step into the field of now.

All my life I have struggled with confidence.  I was fortunate that sport came easy for me and it allowed me to be a popular kid without some cool kid street cred.

Social interactions were a bit of a mystery and fright for me at times but the biggest stumbling block was of course the cliche of myself.  People actually did like me.  You wouldn’t know it by strolling through my mind as the story of people laughing at me or mocking me was always there …. (in the mind)

Even in life now I find my mind wants to start its script before the presence of the open mind even settles in.

People aren’t thinking bad things about me, most are wondering what bad things everyone else is thinking about them.

Not to mention the disharmony of such a manner of being.  I certainly can’t be part of what I would hope to see in the world if I don’t see it’s Union in Love, nor would I compromise my convictions in order to co-exist in a lower vibration.

The only step is to stop the commentator and just be authentic.

Wake up, reflect and transmit consciousness in a loving manner.  Help each other do the same, and contribute to the unveiling of the Universe meeting itself.

“The difficult can be done immediately, the impossible takes a little longer.”

A couple fumbles in, a breathe of 2013 and some Kundalini rising has the blog back on the rails.  Hope to say something worthwhile this year.

Would be better with a glove on my hand.

May All the Beings in All the Worlds be Happy…xoxo


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A Wall Or A Bridge … The Mutual Exclusivity Of Denial Within Dualism


“Do what makes you happy. Be with who makes you smile. Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.”

Author: Unknown

I love the above quote … If only I knew how to follow the wisdom of my own words and thoughts as well as the wisdom of such a beautiful quote.

I realized recently that even though most, if not all of what I talk about is bringing love and joy into life, a lot of what I have created so often for myself and those I love most has been misery and pain.  I’ve carried horrible guilt over this for a very long time.  I wonder if I can blame it on the dualistic nature of the reality we all have been living in.  Easy cop out, “not my fault it’s dualism”.  “Polarity of reality is to blame”.  I’m just a sweet victim in it all.  This has not seemed to solve much looking back, and so I doubt it will help now.

To clarify, dualism is the belief that two things are irreconcilably separate.  Easy examples are “Good vs. Evil”, “Love vs. Fear”, “Light vs. Dark”, “Spirit Vs. Matter”, etc.

I’ve been accused of being too lovely dovey about it all and am told, the world just isn’t that way … “you have to find a way to make it in the world” is what my partner or ex or not sure anymore has said to me.  I think it’s true, but can’t help but think that unified in love is the only way to really make it.  Maybe this has been my problem all along.  She is right after all.  You do have to find a way to make it so to speak.

The “love and light” philosophies of New Age movements get plenty of criticism for being ignorant of the darker side of reality.  I’ve heard people say that such movements are steeped in denial and wishful thinking.  I’ve also heard it turns its adherents into weak doormats.  As I sit in reflection I see there is quite some truth in this and I’ve actually been quite ignorant of it.  Until moving to Vilcabamba of course.  This little nook has brought in buckets full of gringos who speak love and do the opposite.  I’ve still been “THE VICTIM” in that seemingly all that I do isn’t reciprocated in the same light heart.  This is the fine teaching from the gringo community I’ve been living in.  To be fair and not a complete projector, there are some lovely souls in the mix as well.

I let my cup be full on this matter for some time.  I was MIND Full instead of being mindful to what was being relayed to me.  I find this all very embarrassing.  However, the silver lining is that we don’t have to let go of the truth of positive thinking.  Like does in fact draw in like.  Creativity creates, Love brings more love, Wisdom brings wisdom and it works in the counter manner as well.  Hate breeds hate, anger inspires anger and if your are in fear, well your going to be in bed with fear.

I’ve learned today by listening to the not so sure about lady in my life with new ears.  Again she said, “you have to find a way to make it in the world.”  My mind being the rubiks cube it is ciphered it into:

How you observe and experience something depends on the theory which you use.  It is the theory utilized which determines.

I realize now that speaking wisdom has very little with embodying the wisdom story.

I make this note to self:  There is unity in the essence of duality, and duality in the expression of unity.

Very often in my life I have found myself convinced of my sad story.  I’m the victim damn it!  My most recent love relationship has been the absolute showcase for this.  We both seem to feel that the other doesn’t treat the other all that well.  In our minds we have built up damning evidence against the other.  What this actually leads to is pain, pain and more pain on top of the pain that was already fabricated in our minds.


The fatal mistake in reasoning I have made that brought so much pain to the love relationships I’ve been in, and to those I love so dearly is this.  I believed that dark influences could be kept out of one’s reality by denying their existence, or better said by focusing your energy and attention elsewhere.  I still believe there is great truth in this, but believing in Love so strongly created an ignorance and denial within me of aspects of reality that have their own independent existence.  Instead of leading these elements of dualism out of my sphere it instead gave more room for them to maneuver in ways I refused to perceive.

The darkness within, our shadow side, has its own agenda and desires that will continue to operate no matter how much we pretend they are not there.  The denial just allows such manipulations of our thoughts and behavior without us knowing it.

In the same thread, darkness outside of us, the deluge of predatory forces in human and nonhuman forms as well as the consequences of poor choices made over the years, will inevitably shower us with a rude awakening from our denial.

The lesson to myself is that when wishful thinking and denial is chosen over awareness and responsibility, things do catch up with you sooner or later.  I know this because I have $60 to my name, a broken relationship and smile on my face at the same time.  If this isn’t a shining example of what wishful thinking coupled with denial breads then I know nothing.  Which I don’t.

The truth or my truth recently bestowed is that the problem wasn’t the positive attitude.  The problem was that I wasn’t balanced in my awareness.  I thought knowing the darkness kept it at bay.

My theory is that only through comprehensive full spectrum awareness coupled with a balanced attitude of positivity can the balance shift towards the heart of the soul.  Only then can the “YOU CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY” truth be in full harmony.

Becoming aware of our emotional issues like egotism, victim-hood, vengefulness, self-importance, or any other ego driven insecurities instead of denying and suppressing them allows the circuit to complete.  On the contrary, denial allows them to fester and build in pressure until they explode and cause you to react emotionally, and inevitibaly irrationally.  Denial also allows them to secretly form the foundation of your belief system.  Become aware of these issues and then you can deal and heal them.

Getting severely burned by wishful positive thinking or seeing the ignorance and hypocrisy in places like Vilcabamba can make us run from the Lovey Dovey.  When positive thinking and shining your light doesn’t work to bring joy to your experience, it is easy to get wickedly bitter and throw the baby out with the bathwater.  The next thing we do is reject joyful loving thoughts as a form of weakness and denial.

There is a beautiful story telling of Jesus and several others walking past a dead dog. The others all turned away from seeing the decaying dog, but Jesus spoke admiringly of the animal’s beautiful teeth. By maintaining the soul-attitude that this legend exemplifies we see truth.  The bad, the ugly and plain wrong must not prevent the soul from finding further truth in the good, and the beautiful wherever they are present. We must not confuse positivity with being artificially uncritical or as an arbitrary closing of our eyes.  It is possible to admire a dead animal’s “beautiful teeth” and still see the decaying corpse.  We can reach the point where the bad does not prevent us from seeing the good and our errors don’t prevent us from seeking truth and love.

What is really being longed for is to be understood.  To be known in this world for what you truly are. I believe that every action we take is either an expression of love or a cry for love.  We all long for love and acceptance.

Today I learned again that we are to accept the darkness for what it is, an aspect of ourselves.  Again I learned putting your head in the sand doesn’t make it go away no matter how much we wish it to.  A leopard doesn’t change its spots because you wish it would be nicer.






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